What if…?

The Black Bus ain’t your refuge in this or any land…

Look the driver in the eye…to see a vacant man.

Now’s the time to cross the line, and reach for someone new.

What if the man behind these eyes held something more…

than just a promised land for you?CM 8/24/11


I looked at the photograph of NY Jets receiver Plaxico Burress clutching the football close to his heart immediately following his touchdown reception this past weekend, and I thought to myself how wonderful that must have felt after spending 600 days in prison visualizing and dreaming it!

I wonder what else he thought about and visualized with so much time to do little else. I wondered who his friends were before jail…and I could not help but wonder who his friends will be on this side of the crime that cost him so dearly. And all of these thoughts congealed within the context of two very interesting public statements from two very outspoken public officials within the Black Community, Representatives Maxine Waters (D) and Allen West (R). http://www.newsmax.com/InsideCover/maxine-water-obama-blacks/2011/08/18/id/407861

Waters & West Team Up to End Slavery!

Of course the headline above seems absurd and ridiculous on its face when you consider that one wishes “the Tea Party can go straight to Hell!”…while the other proudly identifies with the grass root movement, its mission and its accomplishments! But if we look beyond the rhetoric and read into their respective messages this past week, we can distill it all down to the one essential question the black community must finally come to grips with. Who is truly my friend? http://conservativebyte.com/2011/08/allen-west-im-here-to-lead-blacks-off-the-democratic-party-plantation/

Who is your friend Sister Waters? We know who your Master is! He makes you see black when he wants you to see black, white when he wants you to see white…and red when he wants you to see red, when you know in your heart that God wants you to see flesh is flesh, blood is blood…and poor is poor! You want the urban poor to be attended to? Then you need to come up off of them Ms. Waters and do some honest to God soul-searching! Are you their “Plantation Boss” as Brother West suggests? Or are you their friend? Victims are attended to Sister! Slaves are attended to Sister!!

Free people, proud people…self-respecting people attend to themselves and fend for each other!!!

Why would you wish for the Tea Party to go “straight to hell”, when there is not one among us who would not welcome you on our bus and give up our seat to you? Why is it you cannot see the true freedom train your distinguished colleague invites you to? Why do you insist on chasing after the Big Black Bus that has used you to wash its windows, pump its tanks, and fill its tires for the past 50 plus years…only to leave you in despair on the streets of Detroit,Compton, Watts, Newburgh and Newark while it passes you by year after year?

Plaxico Burress is at a crossroads, you and your constituents are at a crossroads; Lord…the entire world is at a crossroads! We’ve always had choices, but none as big as the one God is asking us to make now. We all have one more chance to get this right! Do I choose the friend who put the gun in my hand and separated me from you? Or do I choose the friend who puts your hand in my hand, your tears in my heart and my pain in yours? Do I choose the friend who profits from my misery, or the friend who benefits only from my recovery?

What if?

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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