The Unholy Trinity of Church, State & Public Education!

O conspiracy,
Sham’st thou to show thy dan’rous brow by night,
When evils are most free? O, then by day
Where wilt thou find a cavern dark enough
To mask thy monstrous visage? Seek none, conspiracy;
Hide it in smiles and affability:
For if thou path, thy native semblance on,
Not Erebus itself were dim enough
To hide thee from prevention. – The soliloquy of Brutus

Stand with me on the Watchtower’s ledge this night and feel the chill of the night air on your neck. Look out here with me…with sober eye, light heart and clear vision and tell me what you see. Tell me and yourself, before you slip back into the comfort of the wine and fire’s glow. Tell me…what you see, before I share with you what my eyes tell me.

Right around the time the Treasury’s printing presses were in hyper-drive, I was on a national conference call with Dr David Kelly, an economist with JP Morgan. It was right at the hour of an unprecedented stimulus injection into our economy of $787 BILLION! There was a question and answer session after Dr. Kelly’s commentary reassuring the audience of advisors of, among other things, Bernanke’s adroit advantage as a peerless student of our Great Depression and the mistakes made by the Japanese during their financial calamity. I was granted a question. “What if it doesn’t work?” I asked. My question echoed into what seemed to be an eternity of silence…followed by the same double speak they have been feeding us for quite some time.

We all know by now of course, that it did not work. As I write these words at this hour, the world waits for the bearded man to speak from a lovely resort in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. His words will fall on a world already transformed…radically transformed since September 11th, 2001 and then September 15th, 2008. But the most frightening…I would say terrifying aspect of our transformation is the fact that while WE as a people have a general sense as to what has happened, WE are oblivious to how and why it happened. Nobody has gone to jail! Nobody has gone to prison for the greatest financial whack job in the history of the world! How is any of this possible?

When I began the above paragraph yesterday, Bernanke had not yet spoken and I had no idea of the extent to which our US Constitution and NY Constitution have been violated. I had a vague awareness, but very little understanding of our right to petition our government for redress of grievances! But last night I met Robert Schultz and Judith Whitmore of We the People of New York, Inc.! And now I know that regardless of what Bernanke says or doesn’t say, we have a Constitutional Lobby here in New York…since June 15, 2011! And more and more states are following suit! This is GREAT news people. You and I now have the effective means to hold our government accountable and bring those who have most seriously violated our Constitutions to justice! I encourage every single one of you reading these words to go to the site, join and pay your $25 dues if you live here in New York (unless of course, accountable government is not important to you.), and contact Bob and Judith if you don’t, to learn how to get one established in your state!

But as good as this news is my friends…it is only half the story. Because accountability is only as effective as the will of the people who seek it! What in God’s name happened to our will as a people? How in the world is it possible that we citizens of these United States could endure the crimes above with less than barely a bleat from a herd of sheep?
“Our Constitution is the only thing that stands between us and tyranny and despotism!”- Robert Schultz. But what needs to be understood, and is now even clearer than before;
There is and has been an Unholy Trinity that stands between us and our Constitution! Government enslaves those indoctrinated by the School and rendered compliant by the Church!

We are fully awake now Caesar!

Nor stony tower, nor walls of beaten brass,
Nor airless dungeon, nor strong links of iron,
Can be retentive to the strength of spirit;
But life, being weary of these worldly bars,
Never lacks power to dismiss itself. – Cassius on Caesar

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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