America’s Labor Day & the Fruit of Fantasy’s Loom!

Now that we’ve all had some holiday down-time to reflect; one thing is crystal clear after the most recent job numbers. Giving this administration more money to create jobs would be like giving Al Capone more bullets to fight crime! Can I get a HELL NO brothers and sisters?

There is only one way we are going to put America back to work my friends…and that is by handing a pink slip to this President and every single, solitary elected official who aided and abetted the most ANTI-AMERICAN regime in American History! Nazi battleships bombarding every major American Port couldn’t have equaled the damage wrought on this country by the Progressives since the end of the Second World War!

Progressive Statism is the insidious cancer that slowly ate us away from the inside. Cancer cells of entitlement and moral decay attacking the healthy cells of self-reliance and moral integrity in order to survive and live off its host! There is no way that a healthy body allows an unknown contagion past its immune system…which is exactly what happened when Obama beat the most popular female Democrat since Eleanor Roosevelt!

We have been very sick for a very long time my friends; and its going to take much more than a couple of aspirin to get this patient back on her feet again! This cancer has metastasized well beyond the Executive Branch into every layer of government and media network like one big massive tumor…and it needs to be eradicated or the patient will die!

Now we all know that an accurate diagnosis is the critical first step towards recovery so, lets’ play a fun game that will make getting healthy that much easier. The game is called Name That Cell! The object of the game is to learn to distinguish the healthy cells from the cancer cells by objective analysis of their characteristics. I will give you a quote and you tell me whether it originated from a healthy cell or a cancer cell. Are you ready?

1)     There is a certain enthusiasm in liberty, that makes human nature rise above itself, in acts of bravery and heroism.

2)     A wise and frugal government, which shall leave men free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned – this is the sum of good government.

3)      This Liberal will be all about socializing…about taking over, and the government running all of your companies!

4)      I rejoice in a belief that intellectual light will spring u pin the dark corners of the earth; that freedom of inquiry will produce liberality of conduct; that mankind will reverse the absurd position that the many were made for the few; and that they will not continue slaves in one part of the globe, when they can become freemen in another.

5)      For most Americans, economic growth is a spectator sport.

6)      Entrepreneurs and their small enterprises are responsible for almost all the economic growth in the United States.

7)     Capitalism works better from every perspective when the economic decision makers are forced to share power with those who will be affected by those decisions.

8)     The truth does not require a majority to prevail, ladies and gentlemen. The truth is its own power. The truth will out. Never forget that.

9)     We have so much room for improvement. Every aspect of our lives must be subjected to an inventory… of how we are taking responsibility.

10) The problem is that when government controls the economy, those who can influence government keep winning, and everybody else just stays the same.

11) America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.

12)  I think when you spread the wealth around its good for everybody.

Arrogance, the un-healthiest cell of all, will strut its way to the presidential pulpit this Thursday to address a worried and anxious nation of 14 million un-employed and 30 million under-employed Americans.

You and I have been reduced to the roll of the terrified parents of a very sick and only child waiting in the waiting room…completely and helplessly hoping for a sliver of good news from the man about to walk through those doors. Imagine our horror to learn that the one we pin our hopes on…as never scrubbed for surgery!!!

But wait…GOOD NEWS PEOPLE! We own this medical center and we have the power to choose the medical team AND the surgeon who will save our little girl.

Dr. Waters:


Dr. Rubio:


1- Alexander Hamilton 🙂 Parietal

2- Thomas Jefferson 🙂 Red    

3- Maxine Waters 😦 Sarcoma

4- George Washington 🙂 Chief

5- Paul Krugman 😦  Glioma

6- Ronald Reagan 🙂 Alpha

7- Barney Frank 😦 Lymphoma

8- Rush Limbaugh 🙂 Leukocyte

9- Nancy Pelosi 😦 Leukemia

10- Marco Rubio 🙂 Beta

11- Abraham Lincoln 🙂 White

12- Barack Hussein Obama 😦 Sickle Cell

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