Cracks in the Facade & the Post-Obama Reconstruction!

I don’t want to jinx us but, if the polls are any indication, the One is about to become the Was! I mean really…it’s gotten to the point where he opens his mouth and the stock market falls 300 points! If the Democrats were smart :-), they would lock him in the Oval Closet and throw away the key until after the election. He looks great between Trumka and Hoffa doesn’t he? Yup…a real team player!! (slipping into a dream music)

NEWS FLASH! THIS JUST IN…(FOX News had the Oval Closet bugged just in case!) It seems that Obama, realizing his Thursday night Jobs speech was a total flop, called an emergency Mob-Job Oval Closet Summit with Hoffa and Trumka the very next day! And just like that, we’ve got ourselves a new WH Jobs Bill! Yeah, the details are a little sketchy, but it seems they’ve made O an offer he couldn’t refuse…something about taking the son of a bitches out, going to the mattresses and taking the cannoli! (cold water splashed on face).

Seriously folks…has anyone thought about life after Obama? I have, and it makes me…happy! (smile wraps around head) But if any of you think that our troubles are over after we clean house, I’d say you’ve been sipping some of the left over 2008 Kool-Aid!

Have any of you ever remediated a home after years of occasional flooding from heavy rains? We did; and it is the PERFECT analogy to the sorry State of our Union! We ended up stripping our entire basement down to the cinder block walls! What we found “living” behind the walls was enough to turn your stomach and make you sick…literally!
M-O-L-D! Malignant Occurrence of Liberal Delusion!

This is exactly what has happened to the Home of America!! So, we can break out the Wet Vac and clean up the mess again, and again, and again. Or, we can take a closer look at the cracks in our façade and the tell-tale signs that somethin’ just ain’t right behind these walls…and fix the problem once and for all!

In the case of our home, we devised a 3 part plan of attack and took action in 2006!
• We installed a “Curtain Drain” running the length of our house along the back of our house to relieve runoff water from the mountain behind us.
• We installed new roof gutters and drain lines away from the house.
• We stripped the basement, dry-lock sealed the cinder block walls and re-finished the basement using water-proof dry wall in all the bottom sections.

We have not had a water problem in our basement since…which of course means that we have solved our M-O-L-D problem! 🙂 This wasn’t rocket science! It was common sense! If water threatens the integrity of all structures; then common sense dictates the need to keep water away from structure! Hmmm…What if we were to take the same common sense and apply it to a 3 part plan to remediate the M-O-L-D problem in the Home of America?
• Install a “Curtain Drain” (Term Limits!) running the full length of both houses of congress to relieve the runaway corruption of career politicians! Yes YOU Mr. Frank!
• Install new “gutters” to redirect to destructive flow of the Mainstream Media away from our home by establishing new and higher standards in journalism.
• We need to strip the Home of America to its foundation to remove the rotting M-O-L-D that has festered there for years. Those found guilty of Subversion of our Constitution will be sent to prison for treason. Our children’s education will no longer be held hostage by unions and their system of corrupt Democratic money laundering. Education will be privatized. We the People will petition this government for redress of grievances from Los Angeles to New York, and from Galveston to Chicago! A Constitution Lobby will be established in every state to monitor and maintain accountability at the state and federal levels. Once our foundation is fully restored, we will have accountable authority auditing our central bank, while WE determine its fate! And WE will have the same authority over malfeasance at the corporate level with special attention paid to our multi-national friends!

Ah…the air is smelling cleaner and fresher already! (birds chirping, children laughing to sights and sounds of a new dawn in America) 🙂

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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