The Last Ditch Effort of the New World Order!

“Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from indomitable will.”

— Mahatma Gandhi, statesman


Global Warming– Global scam!                       European Union– Crumbling!

Wind Power– Blow out!                                    Political Correctness– Truth’s Muzzle!

Solar Power– Sun burn!                                     Social Justice– Socialism!

Green Industry– Red ink!                                 Stimulus– Union Payback!

Green Jobs– Leprechauns only!                        Hope & Change– Bait & Switch!

                                                  New World Order– Chaos!

Every painful and costly item on the partial list above is the direct result of men who considered themselves smarter than the God they have foolishly attempted to evict from our universe! The crimes in and of themselves would be horrible enough, but time and time again it is you and I who are left to clean up their mess…which leaves me to ponder the hell that awaits them.

The price tag of their cumulative social experiments are beyond comprehension! The magnitude of their arrogance, the scope of their mendacity and the degree of their contempt is beyond measure. So how in the world do we miss them time and time again, and better yet how do we spot them “before” they wreak their havoc on the world again? Because their M.O. is always the same; control the media, indoctrinate, create a victim class, create crisis and subvert constitutional authority!

While the Global Elite and their New World Schemes have sovereigns on the brink, and Freedom on the ropes, you and I are lucky! We are lucky because half a century ago we would be done for. And ironically, the only reason we are not is because of the media they have so far been unable to control…so far. This is exactly how and why we know that global warming is a manufactured crisis. This is how you and I know that the Tea Partiers are not terrorists; the Tea Partiers are you and I! And they know we know, as they watch Wisconsin and the NY seat they’ve held since 1923 slip away…while their Oval Office Puppet plunges into Rasmussen’s toilet!

If our Republic were on solid ground, the electoral facts above would create dramatic policy shift in Washington. It is a rogue government that governs against the will of its own people, digs its heels in and threatens the very life of the Republic!  But there is something else that occurs to me…two things actually! Two things that seal their doom, no matter how many Godless Billionaires they loose on us! #1) They think our faith is a weakness! #2) They don’t know who we are!

They couldn’t possibly know who we are when the same lips that lecture on civility call for the trashing of Madison. The same lips that call for the language of healing incite the union orcs to “take the sons of bitches out!” They do not get who you and I are! They do not understand the Will of the American People and where it comes from! How is it that the Intellectual Elite do not get what this man so clearly does? “Only freedom can work such miracles.”– Cornel Nistorescu

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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