The Graduation of Insanity!

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. America! It seems like only yesterday we welcomed our birthright American Dream into this world. Perfectly normal and healthy at delivery, it’s hard to fathom exactly how we are related to this…pleasure seeking, resource sucking creature that seems permanently and parasitically attached to our fiscal teat!

Insanity was not born the self-absorbed Medusa who stands before us on this…special day. Our Dream came into this world riding a cresting wave of optimism and good will; cheeks that blushed red…gave away a heart that pumped promise! Who got to you my baby? What has wedged itself between the pillars of perfect love? What devil’s brew can rival the mother’s milk? And yet, you are this stranger now unto me. Our dream has transformed; from golden ringlets to a nightmare of slithering insanity in a fleeting lapse of time…and judgment. They say you can lose your kids by turning away for a split second! But you and I; we’ve turned away for more than that haven’t we? And now this harvest time brings a strange chill instead of the usual joy. Perhaps it’s the dark clouds…or something deeper; something beyond the physical touch that warns us.

Yes, the Gardener has betrayed our trust…but who hired the Gardner? Who would have suspected such professorial authority and priestly charm to sabotage our garden so? And yet the entire crop has grown rancid, bitter and foul. Strong stalks that reached for the sun, now crawl limply along the ground. The once vibrant colors and fresh fragrant aromas of goodness that sprang from soil nurtured by natural order have lost their essence. A Secular Worm has dined on the Apple’s core for far too long now, and has consumed the mind of America! So here we stand with painted smile; the proud parents on your special day as you ready your graduation cap for its heavenly ascent, wondering to ourselves, “What have we done?”

  • Yesterday our government loaned money to people who could not pay. You and I paid on September 15, 2008!
  • Today our government loans money to countries that cannot pay!

The Graduating Class of Insanity 2012! We can hardly wait…

In individuals, insanity is rare; but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule.-
Friedrich Nietzsche



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