The Ivy League GIN Mill!

Ginning up– (from Urban Dictionary)

Definition 1) To create or arouse strong feelings in (someone); move or excite.
Synonyms: spur, stir up, drive, rouse, prompt, propel, prod, motivate, encourage; urge, impel; provoke, goad, prick, sting, incite, light a fire under, whip up, work up, foment, fan the flames of, trigger, spark off, precipitate, excite, provoke, incite, ignite.

Definition 2) To fabricate, invent or concoct (something), typically with deceitful intent.
Synonyms: falsify, fake, counterfeit, cook; invent, concoct, make up, dream up, invent, trump up, cook up.

Over the summer a group of young Muslims decided that a day trip to Rye Playland here in Rye, NY would be a great way to celebrate the end of Ramadan. What began as an innocent affair ended in a Muslim Flash Mob Riot after they were restricted from wearing their hijab head scarves on the park rides. They were notified of the standard safety requirement ahead of time, so why did this happen? A few days later I happened to hear a radio interview in which the expert identified the ginning up of our youth on college campuses and elsewhere as the root cause.

As it turns out we had a whole lot of ginning up-inspired flash mob activity this summer in parks and beaches all over the country. Kids today! We had our Hula Hoop and they’ve got their Flash Mobs! Harmless fun right? Just kids with nothing better to do right? My offer still stands…$100 to the parents whose child endured a full semester in Professor Obama’s University of Chicago Law Class and came out loving their country!

Is there anything worse? Think about the hundreds of thousands of wonderful loving parents who worked hard and sacrificed, paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to send their kids to the best schools so they could better their lives. Off to the Gin Mill where the Obama’s and the Ward Churchill’s patiently awaited their unsuspecting prey. The slow and incremental injection of venom over four years; completely under everyone’s radar screen…until now. Now you’re an idiot, your kid is omnipotent and the evil capitalist pigs must die! Oh yeah, Israel is guilty of apartheid and racism; the Jews were never in Egypt and Man created God!

Oh if that were only the worst of it! You still don’t see what’s coming do you? When Obama spurs, stirs, drives, rouses and prompts you to blame the rich…is he leading or ginning? When Bloomberg fabricates, invents and concocts an Arab Spring uprising in America…is he leading or ginning? The Ruling Class has issued the marching orders to their Godless Generals who in turn are about to whip the mindless into a frenzy.

So the half million you paid to have your kids brainwashed isn’t quite enough. They want more! And the trouble with more folks is that more is never enough! Can there be anything more defiling and insulting? They are virtually laying waste to the very values that enabled you to send your kids to them in the first place! Whew?

At some point on the horizon, fantasy has to meet reality. At some point the lie has to run out of air and hit the ground…it just does. I think that moment is awfully darn close for each and every one of us by now. And when it hits, you have to ask yourself, “Who do I trust?” How does one trust an ideologue? How does an ideologue trust an ideologue? Their truths are not stationary. The Cause is their God! The Godless sister who calls herself “Clergy” lies bold-faced to her own sister…without batting an eye. These are the legions of lost souls coming for their entitlement Mr. & Mrs. America! The Coming Insurrection that the man you loved to hate tried to warn you about for the past two years…IS HERE!

I pray that you know who you are, what you believe and where you stand…because we are going to need to trust in each other, ourselves and God to survive what the Radical Gin Millers have brewed up for us! Trust me!

As funny as this clip is, I hope your kids not in it! Remember the “This is your mind on drugs” commercials? I have the update! “This is your kid on Campus!” 🙂

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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