The Occupiers of Wall Street!

This scene is so incredibly rich with absurd poetic hypocrisy it seems unfair to flush the obvious…but what the heck. For starters, the decision to choose the word Occupy as part of their misguided public stunt hilariously confirms their cerebral vacancy. Because sooner or later a successful occupier will arrive at the occupation…the very two words these lost souls know the very least about…let alone are capable of, in their present state of mind!

Think about it! If the American Dream had a specific address, could anyone familiar with the history of our country’s evolution from the frontier, through the industrial age to the modern era dispute that the home address would and should be Wall Street? From Henry Ford to Bill Gates and Steve Jobs (RIP), Wall Street has been the HOME SWEET HOME to the very best in a very long line of Exceptional Americans and the fruition of their dreams! Dreams that led to the employment and financial security of millions upon millions of more people than all the world governments combined!

I think somebody in Washington needs to study his American History a little more closely. I’m sure if he were to do so, he would learn that these Exceptional People possess Exceptional Qualities that enabled them to achieve their Exceptional Levels of Success! Qualities of Perseverance, Determination, Strong Work Ethic, Driven, Motivated, Courage, Risk-Takers, Refusal to Quit, Fearless of Failure, …coupled with Community-Minded, Philanthropic, Patriotic, Leadership…These are hardly people who “sit around” to use your words Mr. President. How dare you?

On the other hand we have the Occupiers of Delusion. Their point is they have no point. They have no point because they have no dream. They have only wants! They possess none of the qualities mentioned above. These are your people Mr. President and I submit you were made for one another. You need someone to depend on you and they clearly need someone to depend on. That makes you little more than a pimp, a pusher and a very small man competing in a league of very large men Mr. President. You are less than zero. History will be too embarrassed to remember the stains you’ve left in honorable places.

I am haunted by an interview I heard a while back discussing the Great Depression and how we survived because of who we were then…look at us now! Could there be a greater contrast between those who define us and those who defile us? How could anyone who truly appreciates the unique heritage of our American Exceptionalism, look upon these people who march with Socialists, Communists, Atheists and Anarchists and feel anything but sadness and shame? “Show me your friends…”

So the legions of Takers show up at the Front Door of Success…with their hand out! Some of them even have a degree! Four years on daddy’s dime, a fancy degree and still clueless! I wonder how many of the stalwart slugs marched in from the rugged environs of Upper Saddle River and Urban Farms where seldom was heard a discouraging word…like NO for instance? Picture this…on one side of the door with the plates in his ears and the spoon in his nose we have the Son of Success demanding what nobody seems willing to give him, and on the other side we have the Father who gave him everything but his own heart! Heart…

Heart is the one shining thread that connects the Exceptional Lives! And it is the one missing link in our world today…from the strikes in Athens to the union-backed protests on Wall Street…we’ve lost Heart! And the amazing thing about heart is this…NOBODY can give you one Tin Man! You have to find your own! When I was a kid, I ran (not very far) away from home. I was looking for something I could not find at home. I slept that night under the pulpit in my Church and found in the quiet of my heart what I had missed in all of the Sunday Sermons!

I came across this site yesterday The Freedom From Religion Foundation, and I thought to myself, “Yeah, that’s what the world needs! Of course…how could I be so blind?” So I went on to check it out and I came across the slogan, “I can be good without God.” Now that’s a very interesting proposition…until we search for the proof of it. First off, I wonder how one could be without God? But that’s just me. Secondly, I ponder the surgical removal of God from the public arena by the Godless Surgeons over the past 50-60 years and then simply observe the Spiritual Health of our Public Patient today to find it anything but good!

Here’s my wish for the army of lost souls occupying Wall Street today. As fate would have it, you are at the perfect place physically and metaphorically to make the best investment of your lives! Search your hearts for the most Successful Occupier the world has ever known…for the past 2011 years! He’s there…I promise you! And when you find him, buy and hold!

After that we can talk about the bad investment you made at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue! 🙂

Chip Murray: Wide Awake



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2 Responses to The Occupiers of Wall Street!

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  2. Tarig Anter says:

    Occupy Wall Street and Ron Paul are different but together they are the only hopes for the US and the World right now. Obama must go!

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