True North!

True north (geodetic north) is the direction along the earth’s surface towards the geographic North Pole.

True north…It’s only two words. But if you’re a hiker lost in the middle of the Adirondacks, it’s the two words that could save your life. The fact is that true north has guided men (on this planet) for centuries.

Exploring it a little deeper, we discover the underlying value of true north is that it gives us our bearings…our relationship to where we are. As such, we come to rely upon true north as a fundamental and stationary truth. The ancient tools of Free Masonry are imbued with the same Fundamental Truths that have squared the very foundations that have literally stood the test of time…since and long before we began recording time!

And finally, our most sacred religious texts and scriptures have provided man with a spiritual true north that has sustained and strengthened civilization equally as long, by providing us our bearings to who we are! True North…Fundamental…Stationary…Bearings…Reliance…Test of Time!…until now!

I had a conversation with someone so dear to me that where my heart is concerned, she is my true north! But in the course of our conversation, I realized something so profoundly disturbing it is difficult for me to give these words life…but that, in and of itself is a measure of this shadow’s reach! We happened to be discussing sex and gay marriage as a result of the controversy swirling around the State of New York’s recent decision to redefine Marriage. In the course of our discussion, the heart and essence of our disagreement hit me like a…meteorite! She had no bearing to True North because True North has ceased to exist for her! Somewhere along the line, someone somehow had replaced True North with Subjective Truth…a version of truth that is not fundamental, not stationary and has no bearings or reliability because it is completely dependent on the Subject! Your truth is your truth, and my truth is my truth! And worse than that, it FAILS the test of time because it is obliged to CHANGE with time! Subjective Truth is the lethal poison of Progressive Liberalism!

Look out your window! I don’t care where you look today my friends…WE ARE LOST! And how could we not be? They have cleverly injected this toxin into the most strategic arteries of our culture. I went back to my very first entry in a journal I’ve been keeping for the last three years, “Journalism is Dead!”  Our Churches have become places where the people who come to feel good about themselves, sanitize the sermon for Political Correctness before a Robot in Robes can mouth the words! And our Schools….WOW! All you have to do is Google “Occupy Wall Street” and watch any of the hundreds (if you have the stomach) of interviews to see what they have done to our children!!

As with any poison, there is an antidote. But before our hand will deliver the serum to our lips, the mind must see it so…

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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