Mayor Michael Dinkins-Berg Surrenders NYC!

The scarlet red flags have been flyin’ up this Mayor’s pole for some time now. For me initially, it was his veiled insinuation of Tea Party responsibility for the Time Square Car Bomber…whose name happened to be Faisal Shazad!! Next, it was his mysterious zeal in backing the Ground Zero Mosque (I even had the opportunity to give him a piece of my mind on the John Gambling Radio Show). And then of course there was his most recent and unforgivable decision to deny PRAYER and FIRST RESPONDERS to the 10th Anniversary Ceremony of 9/11! And now this disgrace!

Many of us living in the New York Metro Area remember only too well the Dinkins Days! For most of us, whether you lived in New York City or not, those were the most painful years in the history of the city. They were more painful than the near bankruptcy of the city in 1975, because the people had a Leader who kept his dignity so the people could keep theirs…and the crisis was averted. Dinkins literally sacrificed the dignity of New York and surrendered her to the race-baiters and do-good, feel-good social wackos who were only to happy to take over the streets! Well…Mayoral Misery is back…with a Berg on the end! This is not a leader; this is an Arrogant Ruling Class Pimp Career Politician! His face is the exact portrait of all that is wrong with America!

Who else could bow to the rights of Radical Islam but deny Americans their rights to pray? The very same man who holds disdainful contempt for the peaceful conservative protesters, bends over with a smile for the Vermin-Occupiers of Zuccotti Park!

Folks, this travesty could very well turn out to be a pivotal moment in our history. This event may be the very line in the sand for all Americans. I say this because there is no gray here. This is as black and white as it gets! New York City is the epicenter and microcosm for what is happening to the entire body of our country…and the world is watching! There is no difference between the energies residing at Gracie Mansion and the White House! The True Occupiers of America are Ruling these Roosts and they aren’t about to let her go without a fight!

They hold our Department of Justice! They hold our Congress! They own our Public Education, Media and Pop Culture! And they’ve silenced our Churches! The ONLY thing they don’t control is US…yet!

I have Two Prayers for America:

1) I pray that the rest of America doesn’t wait for the Hank Williams Jr. “Marxist Jolt” to find their own “Keep the Change” religion!

2) I pray that every American awakens this day to the True North-Light of the Tea Party! And if you can’t be here with us physically in Pomona today, then we hope to welcome you in spirit!


Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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