The Sunday Morning Tune-up, October 16th Edition!

I’m gonna throw away the book of lies that brought me to this place…

gonna see myself reflected in the timelessness of grace.– New Earth, CM (Song Attached!)03 New Earth MV2

Good Sunday Morning my friends! As a songwriter I feel a little guilty…or maybe awkward is the word. I feel a little awkward sometimes when someone makes a fuss over a song or performance of a song at a show…for a very simple reason. I me mine is NOT the author. I used to think I was…but I know now that I am only the messenger! And what is very Super Fabulous Cool, is that the Author has not only blessed me with the tools to sing his message…God has blessed me with the tools to hear his message.

I heard him loud and clear this week. He has written into my heart and I have passed along to you the words of fundamental and stationary truths…natural laws that did not originate from man and therefore we have no influence or power over them. We can only follow them, ignore them…or attempt to cover them up. Natural Laws…

I had a conversation this week with a dear friend who is in the middle of a very ugly divorce. The unbelievable pain and devastation she is living through is heart-breaking. It is by far the most powerfully transformative and up-rooting experience a person can have. It is literally the death of one world and the birth of another! The problem for us all is that we become so attached to the old…we tend to ignore the brand new baby! 🙂

You yourself have experienced this in your life…hopefully in the milder form of an ending high school romance. But tell me it didn’t rock the world of your teenage mind? So you know…you remember…every single song on the radio! Ha! You also know that the most wonderful thing you can do as a friend is simply listen, hold and hug…to the person going through this. But here is where natural law and God’s word came to me.

As I listened to the horrors of how the husband had turned her own daughters against her, and how they were soliciting sympathies from other friends and family members, I could feel the raw intensity and surge of the most primal dark and powerful energies in the universe! I realized that metaphorically, I was witnessing the death of a star. As you may recall from Astronomy 101, the Black Hole is the phenomena that occurs at the death of a star or star mass. And its magnetic pull is so amazing and powerful, it literally sucks the light and energy out of everything around it!

Welcome to the proverbial make or break! And if you’re fortunate to be working with a healer well-versed in the metaphysical and mystical arts instead of one of the many charlatans out there…then you are standing on the head of a pin where the greatest misery meets the greatest joy! A therapist friend of mine refers to these life-altering moments in time as AFGO’s (Another F_ _ _ing Growth Opportunity!) 🙂

The difference between the Charlatans and the True Mystics is quite simple and easy to detect. The Charlatans lead you away from you. Some of them are extremely clever in their language and techniques. First of all, you have given them power. Secondly, in so doing they know you. Knowing you they can very easily push and pull you. The True Mystic on the other hand (Remember the Kabalist), empties himself of himself to provide a vessel for you to listen to and trust yourself.

Are WE not standing in this exact place ourselves this very moment? Can we not feel in our hearts this tug of forces? Forget what they are telling you! What are you telling you?

A Lie must fill Time Square to move a mountain, but Truth only has to fill one Heart to change the World! Carpe Diem dear friend…

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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