The Euro & the Socialist Shell Game!

Anyone familiar with the Shell Game knows that it’s been around for a very, very long time. And just like most games, there are winners and losers. But where the winner in Monopoly is usually the one who accumulates the most property through a combination of skill and luck in the roll of the dice (not unlike the real world), the winner (thimblerigger) of the Shell Game is he who finds the most suckers! That would be you and me!

The age-old con game is quite simple. All it takes is 3 half walnut shells, a pea, a flat surface, the Thimblerigger (Con Artist), shills, and a fool and his money. The fool has the opportunity to double his money by wagering a bet on which shell the pea resides under after the Thimblerigger has shuffled them about. He is usually enticed by the excitement created by someone (a shill) having just won big! Unfortunately for the fool, the pea isn’t under any of the shells because, through slight of hand, the Thimblerigger has palmed it.

Oh well…easy come, easy go. That’s the fool’s mantra these days…the song of the American Tax-Payer!

In the Real World, when you and I come up with an idea to make money by creating “value”…goods and/or services that people would be willing to buy, it generally goes like this:

1)      We decide to start a business.

2)      We decide how to structure the business (partnership or corporation).

3)      We write a Formal Business Plan. No legitimate lenders will lend start-up capital to any prospective start-up without this.

4)      We draw up a Buy-Sell Agreement to protect the partners from the risk of the premature death or disability of a partner, and to assure business continuation.

5)      We fund the Buy-Sell Agreement with Life and Disability Insurance.

6)      We go to the bank!

In the Euro:

1)      The Thimbleriggers coerced a business venture that resembles more of a shotgun wedding or the arranged marriage of 17 partners.

2)      The partners spend tax-payer money like drunken sailors.

3)      One of the partners goes completely broke while several others find themselves on    life-support!

4)      Two of the partners meet with the creditors this past Wednesday (11th hour) and agree to a Buy-Sell Agreement. The Stock Market goes up 340 points!

WOW! Break out the champagne! We all live happily ever after now…right? WRONG!

 We’ve been played by the best of the best my friends! Why do I say that?

  • The 17 partners have no Formal Business Plan! No “growth” strategy!
  • Without a Formal Business Plan, they will be unable to find lenders who are willing to Fund their otherwise worthless Buy-Sell Agreement! Unless…

Don’t underestimate the Thimbleriggers and their Shills people…

Oh yeah…TomKean and the Bloomberg Surveillance Crew…Shill! MSNBC…Shill Squad!! Rep. Nan Hayworth and most of Congress…Major Shill Pills!!! Main Stream Media (MSM)? Major Shill Movement!!!! You know who the Thimbleriggers are…don’t you?

…Unless…it is no longer our choice whether or not to play the game. Do you realize that the Thimbleriggers have already secured BILLIONS of your hard-earned $$ through miscellaneous fees and taxes in your utility bills…that have nothing to do with your utilities? Can you say Agenda 21?

Years ago a famous meteorologist by the name of Tex Antoine was fired from WABC for the following comment that he made following a story of rape, “When rape is inevitable, relax and enjoy it!” Oh well…easy come, easy go…eh?

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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3 Responses to The Euro & the Socialist Shell Game!

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  2. ron8072 says:

    America has only moments left to defuse the A21 bomb that will forever sink our rights to property and how it is used. Excellent tie-in! I also appreciate your postings in the ROC newsletter.

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