The Sunday Morning Tune-up, Halloween Edition!

Stranger than fiction sometimes, this thing we call life…is it not? I saw a piece up on the Blaze yesterday taken from an interview with William Blatty, author of The Exorcist. The article spoke to his dismay that, after all these years, people took it as just another horror movie rather than a serious depiction of evil. So a Blatty primer and Halloween Sunday are apparently all it takes to bring evil to the Sunday Morning Tune-up! And wouldn’t you know that I’m forced to begin in the dark because of a power outage brought on by a record October snowstorm! Spooky!

So I apologize in advance to the readers who look forward to their Sunday Tune-up and morning coffee. I will endeavor to make it worth the wait!

I have noticed a lot of discussion in various chat rooms and social media threads…an uptick in biblical prophecy chat as it relates to current events in our world. Not being a biblical scholar, I can neither embrace nor reject the assertions…other than to know in my heart that there is something desperately wrong in the world, something very broken in the soul of mankind. I suppose I could label it Evil as easily as I can label this one Liberal and that one Conservative, but does any label really define the ingredients?

There are some who say that Evil does not exist; that is it is merely the absence of Good much the same way that darkness does not exist as an energy form…it is merely the absence of light! Gibran writes in The Prophet, “For what is evil but good tortured by its own hunger and thirst?” Then again, a child raised in the horrors of Auschwitz may see it differently from the one nurtured in the comforts of Upper Saddle River, New Jersey…or Wyckoff.

Good and Evil, Life and Death…are no doubt the most debated topics in the history of mankind! It’s really quite fascinating to visit the concept of evil through the minds of a Buddhist Monk, a Catholic Priest and a Rabbi (where I am told that Hell does not exist); Or we can bring it back to a matter of energy, and the energy of matter which is exactly what the Kabbalists have given the visible world in their map of the unseen worldThe Tree of Life. Thinking of that energy in the context of the Kabbalist Tree of Life; as it moves from the divine light of Keter to the darker and more solid form of Malkut…it is easier to understand. The qualities of love, joy, hope, faith and charity reside higher in the upper branches (Sphirot) of the Tree. Conversely; hatred, resentment, anger, fear and selfishness all reside in the lower realm of Malkut.

What I have found is that there is a universal overlay that runs deep like pristine mountain streams from all these ancient faiths…pure spiritual tributaries feeding the heart of man. They all share and supply faith, hope, truth, love and a deep abiding belief in the divine. What I have also found is that these qualities are disappearing from the faces around me…I see it in the eyes of people on the street. I hear it in their voices.

When you walk into a room filled with people who hold these qualities, you can feel it…whether or not you can see and hear. And when you walk into the same room filled with people who are lacking these qualities, this too you can feel by degree…colder.

Our world is becoming such a room as anyone willing to see, hear and feel can judge for themselves. Label this as you will, I promise you it is anything but good!


Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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