Give us Liberty or Give us Greece!

A funny thing happened on the way to the Coliseum of Collective Bargaining in Wisconsin! By holding off Obama and the Unions, and eliminating Collective Bargaining in Wisconsin, Republican Governor Scott Walker turned Progressive Swill into Conservative Wine! Governor Walker and the Republican-controlled legislature converted a $400,000 deficit to a $1,500,000 surplus and actually hired teachers instead of firing them as the Democrats had predicted! Of course Obama, the Unions and the Democrats will keep any trace of these facts from the six o’clock news!

It’s too bad Greece doesn’t have a Scott Walker and Republican-controlled legislature! They might not be teetering on the edge of total collapse right now. I think the people of Wisconsin said, “We don’t want to become another Greece!” and Walker listened! It kind of makes you wonder what’s wrong with Obama’s hearing…doesn’t it?

If the future course of our American Way of Life were a murder case (which it may very well be!), then what is happening in the Euro Zone is tantamount to rock solid DNA evidence proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that Socialism is a global mass murderer. AND, it’s headed here next…but Judge Obama has ruled the evidence as inadmissible! Then again, he’s clearly ruled our Constitution inadmissible…but I digress.

On one hand, you think to yourself, “The leaders of the world have gone mad!” On one side of the Atlantic, the leader who presides over a system of government that has accumulated more debt than it can ever repay, has just turned his back on a plan that would have erased 50% of it! And on the other side, we have a leader who is hell-bent on imposing the very same system of failure on us!

But, on the other hand, those of us who have been diligently reading the Tea leaves know and understand the devil in the detail of some very interesting dots in the New World of Disorder!

  • The devastating truth about the NEA, Collective Bargaining, Democratic money-laundering and our children! When the smartest sophomore at Warwick Valley High School(working towards Eagle Scout) looks you in the eye and tells you that “The purpose of the Constitution is to make a bigger government.”…you need to be afraid. You need to be VERY AFRAID!
  • The Repeal of Glass-Steagall!
  • The Democratic cover-up of the Government’s role in the 2008 Financial Collapse!
  • The Global Warming Scandal & Cap & Trade!
  • How Obama beat the most popular female democrat since Eleanor Roosevelt!
  • The real goal of Obamacare!
  • The real UN mission and Agenda 21!
  • The Federal Reserve’s threat to our liberty & freedom!

Obama knows thatWisconsinis a major key to his hopes for re-election in 2012! He cannot leave his union-entitlement base high and dry here. But at the same time he is thumbing his nose at the voters, the tax-payers and the entire democratic process inWisconsin! He is hoisting his middle finger at the very system of government that not only put Walker and the Republicans in power in Wisconsin…it also put him in power in Washington!

The President of theUnited States is now treading on very dangerous ground here. Not only is he moving against the people in Wisconsin, he is also moving against the people of the United States by increasingly moving around Congress and growing bolder in violation of Constitutional boundaries…protected by a compromised Attorney General running a Lawless Department of Justice!

The people of Wisconsin and the rest of America now have a new battle cry because WE now know what the rest of the world has just figured out;

Give us Liberty or give us Greece!

(President Obama, you may wish to pay very close attention to the fate of your counterpart inAthens!)

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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2 Responses to Give us Liberty or Give us Greece!

  1. ron8072 says:

    Excellent points. As always. Here is a thought I guess no one has had yet. How much you want to bet that Obama offers some financial assistance to Greece? I figure he cannot help himself when it comes to monopoly money. After all, he didn’t help create anything or run a company, so he cannot have a clue the the play money he is spending digs our debt hole ever deeper. January 2012 cannot come soon enough. Thanks, Chip.

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