All That Glitters, Fool’s Gold & The King!

I don’t remember any sort of murder trials after Elvis died. Elvis killed himself…we all knew that. They called him the King too! I wonder if part of the reason they self-destruct is that they know inside they can’t be what we make of them? I know celebrity rise and fall stories are a dime a dozen, but you have to admit there’s something eerie in the case of the two Kings! And it’s not just about the Kings…it’s about the Kings and their Subjects! We’re all starry-eyed killers, sleep-walking through the glitter fields.

I suppose it’s simply just the terms of the deal, the way it is, the bargain right? If you have what it takes…a Kingdom for your life! And what they were just figuring out on the way to Graceland, they had made into science by the time they got to Neverland! I feel sorry for the kids today. They will most likely never know the organic, from the inside out experience of how a star is really born…because we have evolved (that’s a joke) to place that literally denies us the experience of ourselves, our childhood and the voice of our soul. Lennon & McCartney could never have been born here.

So Dr. Conrad Murray is on trial for what exactly…saying yes, when he should have said no? Then all of us should be on trial by degree! Who is guiltier than his own family? Every single one of them saw the train wreck before it left the station, and they all sang “Yes” in perfect harmony! In fact we all did…”Yes” & “More” actually! Talk about déjà vu! Our whole system is built on Rock Star Ground Hog Day!

If only we were talking about our Rock Stars and Kings of Pop. The fact of the matter is that we make our Presidents the same way…all show and no substance! We’ve allowed ourselves to become little more than processed foods for someone else’s feast! Our entire system is a smoke and mirror lie! We jockey our kids for admission to the prestigious universities much the same way as Madoff’s victims lined up for their…education! Only Madoff’s victims were far more fortunate. They only lost their money. The rest of us lost our money and our children!

Perhaps it’s darkest just before the dawn. Those of us wide awake find ourselves in a very interesting place watching this procession. There is a quiet serenity when the rest of the house is sleeping. We know tomorrow’s headline, we know the agony of those who are stuck in between knowing and wanting to forget. But there is a King in a place…when you love so hard and feel so low…and nobody, nobody loves you like he does.


Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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4 Responses to All That Glitters, Fool’s Gold & The King!

  1. Elvis’ death was ruled natural causes – but he died because he doctor shopped and abused the drugs that he got from doctors. Elvis was responsible for his own death. Same for Jackson.

    it’s like people who suicide by cop – they get into shootouts with cops so they are killed

    People who doctor shop are doing the same thing – and doctors are just people, they are overwhelmed by celebrity where the usual rules no longer apply.

    it’s too bad that it’s so easy to put aside their professional ethics of not doing harm

    because giving drugs, when they are not needed, is doing harm

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