The Real Cinderella Story!

Once upon a time there was beautiful young girl named Americana. She was born into the world with rosy cheeks and a twinkle in her eye that set her apart from all the rest. She was endowed by her creator with an inalienable beauty that engendered envy among her league of nation peers, even though they enjoyed great bounty from the goodness of her heart. Here it was day, and there it was night…some things were wrong, but most things were right. She held us ‘till the morning light…Americana.

Then one day, a strange shadow-being slipped past the watch tower sentries and into everything. It whispered through the corn fields and scattered on the waters. It rose up on the winds to darken the skies…until the heavens cried angry tears that fell for forty days and forty nights washing away everything. What happened in the night so long?…some things are right but most are wrong…like that girl with the gentle eyes who can’t remember why she cries…and sings herself to sleep with song. Where has our dear Americana gone?

And in her place the shadow masters made a completely different nation,

with very clever shiny things that hummed and glowed,

beeped and flowed with instant gratification.

They hummed and glowed and beeped and flowed to suck the viewer in…

till nothing stood above the ground but the mindless, deaf and dim.

Soon everything was upside down and right side out was in…

as the qualities of virtue became the New World Order’s sin.


Mediocrity rose to splendor as a lip stick-painted pig,

without a trace of talent…preordained to strike it big!

The ugly stepsister of Americana, Entitlement was bound to steal the score…

Packaged from the outside in, she was the New World Order Whore!

Scripted from the blackest hole, an edict on the land…

It was the death of heart & soul, struck down by the Ruling Class hand.


From Stewart and Colbert to Tinsel Town, the word was on the street.

There’d be no more songs of Freedom…nothing soulful, nothing sweet!

From church pulpits to the classrooms and all points in between,

All memory of Americana must be wiped…until the slate is clean!


The world slipped into darkness as the hand of evil swore,

headed for the tipping point, it was the end of us for sure.

But on the edge of darkness, from the other side of town…

A single tear from a gentle eye & rosy cheek was spilling down.

It fell upon the boot of a man with a guitar in his hand…

Slowly she rose till her eyes met his and then she asked the burly man…

“What do you want of me, I’ve never seen you here before?”

He just smiled and began to play that thing as if he had two hands more.

He plucked away her emptiness and sang away her fears and gave her the gift of remembering all of the stolen years.

 “Who are you?” she cried, her heart welling with joy!

 “I’m your Fairy BigDawg Father.” He whispered as he motioned for his boys.

“These here are the Diamond Dawgs and assorted various strays…

They’ve come to sing you soulful songs and lift you up in praise!…

…There ain’t a one wouldn’t give you his heart not to live his life a slave.”

And just like that, from the gentle eyes a smile began to grow…

And from her heart, a freedom spark began to glow, and glow, and glow.

Dear Friends,

I have been honored by BigDawg Drew & Lisa Mei who’ve asked me to take my howling to a new level by joining the BigDawg Brigade! Folks, I am here to tell you that if Dawg is man’s best friend, then BigDawg is Freedom’s Best Friend! But don’t take my word for it…you can hang around out there and listen to the pop noise they spoon feed you. Or…

If your soul is tired and weary, then my friend have a listen to me…

Come on in to BigDawg Music Mafia to hear the sounds that’ll set you free!

Like this one from a Brotha Dawg, First to defy the soulful ban;

he wrote this for the Moms and Dads…I know you’ll understand!

Please pass this along to anyone you know who wishes to keep the light of Americana, our Lady Liberty in their hearts and homes!

May God Bless & Keep You!


Chip Murray: Wide Awake

About Chip Murray

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6 Responses to The Real Cinderella Story!

  1. ron8072 says:

    You had me going to a different place with your prose. Woke completely up when you mentioned the BigDawgs. LOL. Toots is good also.

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  3. Funny, Chip… apparently you and I are on the same wavelength but coming at it differently.
    Over at my blog ( I highlight Ronnie Dunn’s “Cost of Livin'” as the new “Allentown.”
    Only… it ain’t 1982 no more and this is Obama’s America, not Ronald Reagan’s.
    Music surely can get a point across. We’re simpatico on that, buddy! The thing is… we need more folks listening and especially more folks acting upon the message folks like you and me are trying to get across.
    God bless, Chip!


  4. I am trying to find this movie called ‘Another Cinderella Story.’ This movie has Selena Gomez in it. Every time I look somewhere, I have to download, pay, or the links aren’t there anymore. I don’t want a trailer, either. So please, if you find a place, that works, free, and you don’t have to download, thank you. I would LOVE to watch this movie.

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