The King & Queen of Villainy!

The average American has yet to fathom the scope of devastation that has befallen them and their families. The average American has been successfully distracted away from the material threat posed by a national debt in excess of $14 trillion with $1.5 trillion in annual deficit spending by the super halogen focus of a State-Run Media Machine in its perpetual barrage of sensational tabloid scandals…totally immaterial to the threat! Remove one player from the national stage and none of this is possible!

Meanwhile, the Walking Dead Occupiers who want to “Eat the Rich” have already been devoured themselves by the real beast they are too stupid to recognize!! Remove one player from the national stage and none of this is possible!

One has to wonder how it is that the protesters’ seething 20/20 rancor towards Corporate America suddenly becomes kvelling myopic support at the doorstep of Fannie Mae, Solyndra, LightSquared, etc.! And very peculiar how it is that we seem to have a high tolerance for proven White Liberal Perverts (Clinton & Weiner), but can’t slip the noose of innuendo and hearsay around the necks of Black Conservatives (Thomas & Cain) fast enough? Remove one player from the national stage and none of this is possible!

In what language and one what planet does the promise of Hope & Change translate into 48 million Americans on food stamps, using our tax dollar to supply thousands of weapons to Mexican Drug Cartels, assassination of American citizens without due process, eradicating age-old traditions of prayer, fostering class warfare, burdening small businesses while expanding an increasingly intrusive government against the will of the people! Remove one player from the national stage and none of this is possible!

How in the world can a man who put his hand on the bible and swore an oath to uphold, protect and defend the Constitution first ignore and then demonize ranks of ordinary, hardworking, peaceful and patriotic American citizens…and then turn around to embrace violent and indecent protestors marching under the banners of Socialism, Communism, & Anarchy? Remove one player from the national stage and none of this is possible!

A time bomb ticks under the Euro soil. The illusion of an Arab Spring has become a Winter of Harsh Reality where Sharia will suffocate any notion of Democracy! The one “Super Committee” hope of diffusing our own time bomb is spiraling into a Super Failure! Remove one player from the world stage and none of this is possible!

There is one person and one person alone who bears the full responsibility for the plight of our world! It is he and she alone whose self-interest has decimated the common good while masquerading as her champion! All one needs to do is follow the pointed finger of blame back to the very heart and the very source of our division…the Career Politician!

They are the treacherous cancer in a suit and tie! In fact they are far worse than cancer because cancer eventually dies! The Schumer’s & Pelosi’s are the very Kings & Queens of Villainy!

Remove them NOW, or the patient dies! It really is that simple!

Career Politician- The Disease!          Term Limits- The Cure!





Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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2 Responses to The King & Queen of Villainy!

  1. Mark A Joppa says:

    It is a while since I have commented on this site and I believe this article to be corect in the premmiss but not the solution. career politicians are created by the uneducated brainwash dolts that make up the electorate. I am a Tea Party suppoter that thinks we have made strides in 2010 to put people in office that were termlimited out would hurt the cause rather than help. The problem is people are to forgiving I have a zero tolerance policy, if a politician strays from voting Constitutonally or the will of the people I will never vote for that person again. In Florida Alan west not only stayed fromn the will of the people he insulted them when challenged. The man should never be elected again But he will be because of the dolts that don’t understand the Constitution even thogh they say they do. The day when we have enough people in the government that vote by the Constitution alone is the day the Liberals start pushing for term limits.
    The same goes for a balanced budget amendment, people talk about that saying limil it to 20% of GDP do you know how much money that means they can piss away. Bring it down to 10% or maybe 8% of GDP with the exception to spend more in times of war is more like it. To pay for a Constitutionally authorized Federal Goverment does not cost 20% of GDP…..MJ

  2. shutupnsing says:

    We may have to agree to disagree Mark. The reality is that the people we put into office in 2010 will become part of the problem before you can say “status quo”. Just look at the pathetic deals they’ve managed since. Why? Because under the current system they all spend 95% of their energy on feeding the special interests they need to feed to keep their jobs, and the remaining 5% on maintaining the appearance of serving their constituents.

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