Penn State & The Poison Pill of Academia!

Honor (Please listen after reading)

The children of the Penn State Horror are the subsequent victims and direct consequence of Academia’s very first victim’s, Honor and Accountability! And it does not end there! The unspeakable evil of Penn State must be opened up to this country and the world for no less than a thorough and comprehensive forensic top to bottom autopsy! The stench of so great a death will not permit a cover-up here my friends! There isn’t enough carpet or money in the world to hide the truth…now that it has seen this much light.

“We jockey our kids for admission to the prestigious universities much the same way as Madoff’s victims lined up for their…education! Only Madoff’s victims were far more fortunate. They only lost their money. The rest of us lost our money and our children!”- I wrote these words one week ago today in my “All that Glitters…” piece …before the world woke up to this nightmare! If you think the shoes of guilt slip solely on Penn State feet…think again!

Perhaps a stroll down Academia Lane to another wonderful Ivy League moment in time! This one takes place in the classroom of one of the most prestigious universities in the world and the 2nd largest employer in the State of Massachusetts (can we say clout?); Harvard University, the philosophical and intellectual incubator for the likes of Mark Zuckerberg…and Barack Hussein Obama! Travel back with me to the late winter of 1978 and the Productions and Operation Management course, taught by Professor Chip Bupp of the Harvard Business School (The “West Point of Capitalism”). Brace yourself…

It was in Dr. Bupp’s class that a young man named Jeff learned that morality and scruples had no place in the bottom line decision-making world of chief executive officers. Jeff Skilling went on to achieve fame as President & CEO of a company called Enron. You may have heard of them?

Paterno, Sandusky, “Wealthy Donors”…an innocent ten year old child in the twisted hell of a Penn State locker room shower. It ends here! Elites, you are done, finished, through! Implicated by your own fingerprints and DNA, splattered across the hundreds of radicalized incubation cells all overAmerica…prepare for your Charlie Manson moment in history! What Manson did to Tate, you have done to America…and worse, because your victims are countless! Know this…you can run, but you cannot hide. Each and every last one of you will be brought to justice, and justice will be harsh beyond even your standards!

When the facts are in, the evidence will prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that it was your actions and your actions alone that made possible the collapse of Enron, the Penn State Horror and the “Fundamental Transformation” of a once great nation into a slow motion death agony! The total sum of all these tragedies is in fact the very triumph of the Godless Secular Humanist and Progressive Liberal…who of course demands control over every aspect of our lives while taking NO ACCOUNTABILITY themselves!

Public Education and the Liberal Arts have become the liberally funded self-immolation of our society. We have paid (and continue to pay) full retail to exterminate ourselves. Long before the Penn State Horror, they killed the Family. And long before that they murdered Honor! I dare say that the vast majority of today’s stomach-turning headlines would be rare exceptions had they not taken Honor from us. What they have done with God gets a little more complicated. I will cover that in tomorrow’s Sunday Morning Tune-up! Let’s just say for now, they took him off the menu in the school cafeteria some time ago! But alas, the Elite are very clever, for they know that none of these things were possible while Honor was alive…probably because the very existence of Honor implied morality and scruples.

Do you remember him? I do…he was a very good friend of mine. He saved my life once, and I miss him every single day. Mostly because we felt safe when he was around…we didn’t need to look over our shoulders all the time. We were able to talk to one another…freely. Now, everything is different…guarded. We knew who our friends were then. Does anyone really know that now? Stop and think for a minute…how different hundreds and thousands of lives would have been if Honor had been in Bupp’s classroom 33 years ago…or in that Penn State locker room shower!

I prayed that Romney would find him when he had the opportunity to defend his fellow Republican Herman Cain from a MSM lynching, but chose to help tie the knot instead. He was certainly nowhere to be found when our Congresswoman gave the hatchet to the honorable man who made her victory possible…the very next day! And of course, the now famous we thought the mike was off slip between two classless world leaders as they back-stabbed the honorable Netanyahu! We know there was no Honor in the halls of MF Global…don’t we? The first time in the history of Wall Street, that a major brokerage house crossed the line to appropriate client funds for its own trades!

Everywhere we look! It kind of makes you wonder how many lines must be crossed before we realize, take a stand…and bring him back! I would like to introduce my friend Honor…please listen. If you recognize him as I think you will, then ask him into your heart…where we can all pray as one. Let Penn State become our line in the sand. For the sake of our children…NEVER AGAIN!

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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2 Responses to Penn State & The Poison Pill of Academia!

  1. Wendy Nowak says:

    Two weeks after graduating from high school, I entered an 18-month program at a business school to earn my AOS, because:
    A) I was anxious to roll up my sleeves, go to work and get on with my life, and
    B) I had had quite enough of the indoctrination of my young, hippie teachers in high school, and I knew college would only be worse.
    I was in the unfortunate first wave of students to suffer through the modern-version of the public school ‘re-eduction’ system. Too many of my teachers were fresh out of college, where many had gone just to be deferred from the draft, smoke pot and protest the Viet Nam war. Thank God I was raised by parents who set high standards and gave me a moral compass. Now that the government welfare system has done such an efficient job of undermining the nuclear family unit, even fewer children have the luxury of a strong family to counteract the re-education. I’m still paying for my decision to ‘only’ earn a 2-year degree, because it causes me to be passed up for promotions I know I could handle, because I have the skills and experience, but not that piece of paper that says I’ve attended a full four years of re-education. God help us!

    • shutupnsing says:

      It seems we’ve put ourselves between a rock and a hard place, eh Wendy? But I will take common sense, vision and drive over that piece of paper any day of the week…especially when you consider what it really costs us!

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