The Language of Prosperity!

Ah the absurdity of it all! We are an oil canvas masterpiece of utter societal dementia my friends! I would like to preface today’s blog by advancing a foundational premise…if I may. On the basis of the fact that the architect is chiefly responsible and accountable for the integrity (or lack thereof) of the structure; I would submit to you that there are none more responsible for the shape, style and integrity of the America we are living in today than Bill & Hillary Clinton!

Now that we’ve sort of set the stage, let’s introduce some of the other players in this act of the Great American Nightmare! In this scene we have former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich who had the unmitigated honesty to chide a Republican Women’s Conference to encourage their communities away from bilingual to English as the primary language because, he said, here in America it is the Language of Prosperity! A very evil man, I know…but he sort of has a point doesn’t he? I mean, I might be going out on a PC limb here…but isn’t it generally better for a prospective hire to speak the language of the prospective employer? Prosperity begins with a job, doesn’t it? Or does it in this exciting, new & improved Progressive America? Remember Land of the Free? Brace your self my fellow taxpayer!

Say hello to EBT Girl! Actually, we’ll let her introduce herself; Isn’t she lovely? Kind of makes you warm and fuzzy…and compassionate. Yeah, warm and fuzzy compassion…that’s what it is! Remember the old WW2 posters of the American Woman in work clothes on the assembly line, sleeves rolled up! But EBT Girl has a real good point folks! I don’t care what language you speak…FREE MONEY is great in any language!! Who in their right mind would work in Progressive America when you can get FREE MONEY?? Which brings us back to the Architects…

Do you remember when Hillary was on the campaign trail in the deep-south in that all black church during the last Presidential race? She was actually speaking the Language of Ebonics to them! Talk about the Language of Prosperity! Amen Brother! The Progressive White Liberal has been speaking their language for years and years, getting richer and richer from the great big Progressive Piggy Bank so brilliantly designed by the Architects of Bureaucracy! I say brilliant because the black man keeps loosing interest while the Progressive White Liberal dividends just keep growing and growing! And the more the black man loses, the more he invests!! Have you seen the Clinton Estate in Chappaqua? That’s what Progressive White Liberal Ebonics will do for you…the Language of Prosperous Compassion you might say!

So let’s introduce our 2nd to last character in the Great American Nightmare shall we. You know how they say the kitchen is the most important room in the home? Well ladies and gentleman…drum roll please. The very Centerpiece of Pride in our New Progressive American Nightmare…PUBLIC EDUCATION! Follow us now as we stroll on down to Zuccotti Park to meet some of the wonderful graduates of our New Progressive Public Education System. You know what they say, “Today’s student is tomorrow’s DEPENDENT!” But that’s ok because don’t forget, in the New Progressive America we have FREE MONEY!!! Yay!!!! What we had here was a failure to communicate

Ok, its time for the star of our show ladies & gentlemen! Please dim the house lights. Spot on center stage as we all put our hands together for Miss Language of Prosperity herself, Chelsea Clinton!!! (Thunderous roaring applause!) Wouldn’t it be the quintessential height of poetic justice, if the little Progressive White Liberal Silver Spoon who skipped the customary internship to host her own “Make a Difference” Show at NBC, featured Mom and Dad as the Debut Show? Only in New Progressive America my friends…you really can’t make this stuff up!


Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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