Anatomy of a Martyr!

Mar-tyr (n.) 1. One who submits to death rather than forswear his faith. 2. One who dies or suffers for principles, or sacrifices all for a cause. 3. One who suffers much or long, as from ill-health or misfortune.

The elite battalion of Army Rangers who scaled the vertical cliffs of Pointe Du Hoc at Omaha Beach during the deadliest moments of the WWII Allied Invasion of Western Europe known as D-Day! …with 60-100lbs of equipment on their backs, while the Germans were shooting down on them, dropping grenades and cutting their grappling lines sending them to their deaths hundreds of feet below. And yet they climbed into the fire to take the hill…and eventually win the war!

Today I look around me and to be perfectly honest with you, I’m not seeing a whole lot of Rudder’s Rangers-timber in our ranks. Yup, if we were trees…I’d have to say we’ve gone from oak to pine…bordering on balsa! This is by no means a criticism of our military as much as it is an observation of our society as a whole. We have been…engineered to be softer, gentler, kinder and well…more manageable. The young men who went up those cliffs 67 years ago knew what they were fighting and dying for. But then again, none of them suffered a  (Federal) Public Education System!

I came across the most wonderfully encouraging story yesterday…about a woman gone Galt! I immediately tweeted and emailed the heroic story about a woman in my industry who put it all on the line!

I got back a few responses including one from an attorney friend of mine who “wondered if she would be sued for libel?” My friend, who also happens to be a veteran and someone who has done as much to honor his country as anyone I know, has framed the picture perfectly. As Ann Barnhardt has so eloquently and courageously pointed out, they have herded us into a coral where they are the judge, jury and enforcement officer…with plenty of hungry lawyers!

We have been conditioned not to question boldly, not to stand up or stand out for fear of being sued! We have been conditioned to accept that Jon Corzine is not subject to the same system of law that you and I are forced to obey. We’ve been lullabied into a sleep-walking trance right past true justice for the victims of Fort Hood! Fort Hood, Fast & Furious, Solyndra, LightSquared, Crony Bailouts…these are all Crimes of High Treason committed by a treacherously corrupt government of thieves and traitors…who count on their Media to make the story fade away, and  desperately fear the Ann Barnhardts, John Galts and Rudder’s Rangers in our midst as the Vampire fears the Cross!

How long will you and I lay quietly while they zip the body bag around us? I know I myself would rather take a bullet than suffocate! But that’s just me…

The Three Price Levels of Freedom:

Convenience– (deep discount) Willing to give up time.

Commitment– (wholesale) Willing to give up friends.

Urgency– (retail) Willing to give up life.

What are you willing to pay?

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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