The Sunday Morning Tune-up, November 20th Edition!

                                         Honoring the Martyr Within

The Barnhardt Letter has rattled me to the core…in a powerfully good and wonderful way. I wanted to bring yesterday’s blog (Anatomy of a Martyr) from the outside-in to look at it from a more spiritual perspective.

As I wrote yesterday’s piece, something dawned on me. While I’m sure the courageous Rangers who scaled Pointe Du Hoc on D-Day never thought of themselves as Martyrs, there is a stigma attached to martyrdom today that didn’t exist then. There has been a sort of social flavor enhancement added over the years that says something like, “What, are you crazy? What’s the point?” So here’s where I would like to examine what I would call True versus False Martyrdom, the levels of True Martyrdom and finally…Honoring the Martyr within.

The most widely recognized example of the True Martyr is my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. The lost and disenfranchised soul who straps explosives to himself for the purpose of killing innocent people in exchange for virgins in the afterlife, financial reward for his family…or both, would be both a murderer and a False Martyr.

If we were to scrub our minds to be completely free of ideological persuasion and look at the Drudge Report, this is what we would see;

A)    A VERY broken world!

B)     Very little Giving and, to riff on Jerry Lee…A Whole Lotta Takin Goin on!

A completely objective and unattached mind would simply see the daily page of world headline links and summaries as one big egocentric slugfest of the I, Me, Mine staking our claim, marking our territory…lifting our Alpha Male Leg! 🙂  …not to mention getting ginned-up for one HUGE dogfight!

I believe this state we’re in is directly attributable to a society that has evolved from the outside in as a result of true spiritual deprivation and the age-old obsession of the Elite-Few to control everything and everyone! And YES, the two are inexorably linked! How and why did Value-centric become Result-centric? Think about it…

So we can play by their rules and get into the galactic pissing match dogfight we’re racing towards, or…we can restore ourselves to the Forest of Mighty Oak we once were by Honoring the Martyr Within!

Now to be fair, I have no idea who Ann Barnhardt truly is…other than what I’ve read. She could be just another angry person running a failing business who found a clever way to pull the plug for all I know. But I am willing to give her the benefit of doubt here because, as I said in a letter to her with an autographed copy of my CD enclosed, she spoke my heart!

So, not all of us are in the position to walk away from the very instrument of our livelihood. Where she appears to be single, you and I have families who depend on us to keep our instruments going! Also, I am assuming that the business she has folded has generated sufficient wealth to sustain her along with whatever supplemental consulting projects she would be qualified to consider going forward. The point is that there are levels of martyrdom. And I would submit to you, that if Ann Barnhardt is not a flake…then she is truly a hero and a very sharp contrast to the gaggle of humanity jockeying for position on Drudge, or NBC, CBS, FOX, MSNBC, Etc.!

From Crucifixion to going without our favorite TV Show for a day…there are many levels and forms of Martyrdom! What better way to serve our Lord, our fellow-man and the True Martyrs in our midst than by restoring and honoring the True Martyr within ourselves? Get creative, we can do it! I have faith in us! 🙂


Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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