One if by Land, Two if by Sea…

Three if by Air, Four if by TV, Five if by Internet, Six if by Schools, Seven if by Churches…Eight if by FOOLS!

Say…How many lanterns are there?

I have seen the enemy, and the enemy is GOVERNMENT!

  • Only GOVERNMENT can create a Super Committee that fails at putting itself on a diet, while creating a Supper Committee that succeeds at turning Pizza into a Vegetable!
  • Only GOVERNMENT can send you to prison for 2 years for claiming that water can prevent dehydration!
  • Only that same GOVERNMENT could spend $2,344.95 for a plate (Mandometer) that tells you how to eat!
  • Only GOVERNMENT can take an entire nation (Spain) from boom to bust in 7 years by going GREEN!
  • Only GOVERNMENT can create Crony Capitalism! Where’s the cash Corzine? Where’s your tax bill GE? Where’s our $500 Million Solyndra?
  • Only GOVERNMENT can steal your $400,000 fish!
  • Only GOVERNMENT can spend more money than it has…by printing more!
  • Only GOVERNMENT can pay you NOT to grow something on your land!
  • Only GOVERNMENT can TAKE away your land!
  • Only GOVERNMENT can take away…your God!

I could literally go on for days…but I think you’re catching my drift! Look people, it all comes down to this simple fact;

There are two ways to produce the goods and services we all need.

1)      Free Market Capitalism, or

2)      The Slave Labor of Tyranny…take your pick! (you may wish to study history first)

Whether you are a farmer in Pakistan, a plumber in Egypt, a teacher in the Netherlands, a Pharmacist in Argentina, an engineer in China, a shop keeper in Iran, a poet in Russia or an insurance salesman in America…GOVERNMENT is the junkie in your home with a gun to your head! And like every other junkie, it will cheat, lie, steal, borrow, beg…and kill to get what it needs!

Therefore, since the mortal enemy of every single one of us on this planet is GOVERNMENT and we all realize by now that Democrat or Republican, the 2012 Presidential Debates are all staged by a GOVERNMENT that has every intention of re-electing itself, I propose the following for those who are free to do so before we become those who can’t:

I propose that all of us, we citizens of the world, turn the tables and fire GOVERNMENT now, today! Stand up, look that junkie straight in the eye and drop kick that SOB straight through your front door so hard that every pin ball machine on the planet tilts! Then turn the dogs on him so he remembers to stay away from your house in the future! I’m deadly serious!! If you’re a teacher, come work for us and you can teach our kids how to think again! If you’re a fireman, come work for us and help us to put out the greatest fire of them all! If you’re a soldier, come to work for us to protect us all from them!

But we need to do this today, because we simply may not have tomorrow…



Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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