Cash Cows, Units & Patriots!

On the ride home from the office last week, I was radio station-hopping when I happened on the Mark Levin show just as Mark took a call from a Neurosurgeon who had just attended an industry conference of his peers. He enlightened Mark’s listeners about a consequence of Obamacare that was not yet public knowledge. Among other things, the attending physicians discussed the hypothetical case of a male patient age 70, referred to as a “Unit” in the law, admitted for a surgically treatable neurological disorder. #1- The Neurosurgeon would have no say! #2- A non-medical person(s) (Death Panel) would prescribe “comfort-care” instead!

As a Professional Retirement Planner for the past 17 years, I can tell you that 70 today is a far cry from the 70 of our grandparents! In fact, in many cases, it is just the beginning of a well deserved retirement…often lasting 15 or more years! That is, unless you turn out to be a defective Unit…in which case you had better be a congressman!

This, in the very same week we learn of the $1.2 to 3 Billion of client monies allegedly stolen by an Obama crony at the head of MF Global. And this on the heels of the evaporation of $.5 Billion of OUR money in the Solyndra Scandal…as we learn that 80% of Green Energy tax-payer dollars went to Obama Cronies! OF COURSE THEY WANT TO MAKE 2012 ABOUT MORE TAXES!! While THEY, who legislate our laws, make $100,000 in one day in Hog Futures as Senator Clinton, or benefit from a Verizon offering as Rep Pelosi…ALL based on Insider Trading Knowledge & Laws that they are exempt from! You and I go to work and jail or death, while they go to work and extreme wealth! Think about all of the wonderful men and women who have entered “public service” as upper middle class citizens and are now multi-millionaires!! HOW? You and I have become their CASH COWS!

I have never ever fathomed the term ignorance is bliss with as much feel and understanding as I do this day. But I don’t want bliss, that’s for utopian-minded liberals and drug addicts. I want the pain that comes with Wide Awake because I know in my heart it is the only path to true justice!

On the eve of the revolution, in his last-ditch attempt to stave off impending catastrophe, Edmund Burke reminded the House of Commons of the inseparable alliance between liberty and religion among Englishmen in America. Mercy Otis Warren noted in their 1805 history of the American Revolution: “It must be acknowledged, that the religious and moral character of Americans yet stands on a higher grade of excellence and purity, than that of most other nations.” Of the Americans on the eve of the Revolution Carl Bridenbaugh has exclaimed, “who can deny that for them the very core of existence was their relation to God?”[1]

I can tell you with straight out certainty, that revolution is now unavoidable. It is unavoidable for the very simple reason that those in power have no recourse but to take more milk from the cow that is done giving! Which leaves us all to decide…are we Cash Cows, Units or Patriots!

1- Ellis Sandoz, Political Sermons of the American Founding (Indianapolis: LibertyPress, 1991), xiv.  (Compliments of Godfather Politics)

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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