The Devil’s Bargain!

Well it’s about 11am Eastern Titanic Time here on the aft deck…Markets up over 400 points after the Bernanke wink! What a lovely day…not a cloud on the horizon. A far lovelier day for the elite crew inside the wheelhouse I’d say! And can you imagine the rising dough for those pastry chefs in the know?

Do you know what the stock market & children have in common? Why they both love sweets of course! And our loveable and huggable Uncle Ben, aka the Candy Man has them all a flutter with giggly delight!

So, last night I’m watching Kudlow and his panel of “experts” discussing the rescue of the Euro…feeling the very stitching in my pockets actually dissolve as they are speaking. All eyes on US (IMF), and I’m wondering to myself if I am the only rational soul asking the question, “How in the hell does a country $15 Trillion in the hole (and falling deeper) rescue anyone at all??

We have been betrayed from the outside in slowly over time. From federal, to regional, to county and local; fate has carried us to this precipice separated by a line that grows clearer by the minute. On the one side we have the treasonous scoundrels who range from the corrupt politician to the businessman who accepts welfare and the clergy who accept moral “authority” from a constitutionally illegitimate government in exchange for their souls, to the lawyers and journalists who’ve sold theirs long ago. And on the other…this quote describes the rest of us better than I ever could:

I am a sovereign freeman, I am not a victim nor a republican nor a democrat nor a progressive nor a conservative. I am a man with Unalienable rights who sublets these rights to no man, no collection of men and no form of rule. My rights are expressed in the Constitution and defined by this document…Life, Liberty and Property. No person or institution has the ability to control or deter me from enjoying these rights.

This day in history will be marked well…the Titanic Tug of War! The Godless thieves and Devil’s pawns stand on one side of the Tipping Point, so desperate in their attempt to pull the rest of us into the company of their misery. It’s time to choose; Devil’s pawn or freeman? In between is the purgatory of willful ignorance!

When picks something up, it’s time to spread the word. Lindsey Graham, military lawyer, has declared the U.S. Homeland as perpetual “battlefield”, and thus eviscerated the sacrosanct concept of posse comitatus.”- Ann Barnhardt  “This is for real, y’all. It’s on. The enemy is maneuvering and preparing for war.


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