The Road to Hell is Paved with Compromise!

Every where we look today, from the 15 + Trillion Dollar mountain of debt to the halls of a totally dysfunctional public education system to the headquarters of World Wide Corruption at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. and a congressional sewer system that converts solid waste (career politicians) into multi-millionaire effluent, they’d like us to believe that Compromise is the solution. Ha!

Compromise was fine in the days of FDR and JFK when the integrity of a government that for the most part, operated within its constitutional limitations was the case. But sadly for us today, this is not the case!

Today imposters totally antithetical to the very core of what it means to be an American, operate as alien body snatchers who’ve slipped into the party-clothes of two great American Presidents who, as liberal as they might have been, would be thoroughly repulsed, disgraced and dishonored!

The idea that my father’s Democrat or your father’s Democrat would be anything other than completely devastated by what can only be described as the complete hijacking of their party by a ruthless and ungodly band of thieves and radical ideologues…is purely fictitious and insulting to their memory! Your father’s and your fathers’ fathers would be the first to tell you that you don’t compromise with evil; you root it out and defeat it!

To opposing parties operating within the moral framework and principled boundaries of our constitutional system and republican “rule of law”, compromise is a wonderful tool with which to solve problems and advance one’s position. The party that subverts that framework, however; violating the checks, balances and spirit of the law inherent in that system while demanding compromise is an arrogant thief…and the party that accepts that compromise has legitimized the breach and incriminated itself!

There can be no compromise where the unauthorized and secret embezzlement of 7 Trillion dollars is concerned. There can be no compromise when the lawmakers have put themselves above the very laws that diminish the power of those they represent! There can be no compromise with the evil that has stolen into the heart of our most vital institutions, with the unmistakable intention of destroying our most sacred foundational pillars of Family, Faith and Free Market Capitalism!

Some of us need to be reminded, there is no gray here…only black and white. The Democratic Party has allowed itself to become the criminal enterprise. The Republican Party is about to make the same mistake…for which there will be hell to pay!

 “There Are Two Ways To Enslave A Country…One Is By The Sword. The Other Is By Debt.”~ John Adams


Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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