The Sunday Morning Tune-up, December 4th Edition!

I’m sitting here on this early Sunday morning in a very quiet house, watching our very black and white cat Rocky settle in beside me as he always does. And I’m thinking things really are more black and white than most of us care to admit (Thanks Rocky!). We played a VFW Christmas party last night, and closed the evening with Silent Night

God, I feel so lucky…so blessed sitting here in the quiet next to this purring creature. And it’s not about anything material, other than your basic roof over the head and a nice fire in the stove. Nobody would look at me on the outside and be the least bit envious of my life…I can promise you! I am well below average in the “toy” department, etc. Trust me; I’m not registering on anybody’s radar screen on the outside in today’s world of flash and glitter. And yet, I’m sitting here in this quiet house just weeks before Christmas, fully aware of all my outer flaws and shortcomings…smiling from an inner glow that’s hard to describe, except to say…it’s not for sale at any price. But I’ll try…

…he said, as he opened the invitation to join the Herman Cain Presidential “Steering” Committee. You see, that’s exactly my point. There is only one place in our lives we really do have the wheel, and the steering really matters. And yet the majority of us spend our lives steering away from it…towards life’s multitude of worthless treasures! How many days wasted, chasing there and everywhere…but here.

I keep thinking about the interview that haunts me from months ago. An economist describing and comparing the people who survived the Great Depression with the Americans of today on some radio show…brings me back to here.

Here, there is no fear of loss…because there is nothing that can be taken from you. Here, the doing is its own reward. Here becomes richer the more you give away! Here is the greatest love the world has ever known, because here is the center of true creation! Here doesn’t require acceptance or result…kind of like Springsteen described, “And the poets down here don’t write nuthin’ at all, they just stand back and let it all be.

Now sit for a moment and think of the power of this place. Think of the total freedom…here. This is exactly what Christ knew, taught and died for! Think of the world around you were the inhabitants to wake up to this place…

Radiant beams from thy holy face

With the dawn of redeeming grace…

Jesus Lord at thy birth.

Merry Christmas Dear Friend…


Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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4 Responses to The Sunday Morning Tune-up, December 4th Edition!

  1. Lee Morin says:

    I loved this Chip, the pure simplicity of the things that truly matter. All the material worth I have had does not bring the joy and contentment i receive when connected to my higher power and getting out of myself and doing service. ” Thy will be done not mine”. Love you Always

  2. Patty Smith says:

    Thank you Chip, you nail it as always my friend.

  3. I too often reflect upon how good I’ve got it.

    I may not be a member of the 1%, nor even the 5% or 10%, but me and mine do just fine; I know we live lives that the vast, vast, vast majority of human beings on earth would literally kill to have.

    Christmastime… sitting in my chair late at night, after the wife has gone to bed… sipping a fine scotch, brandy, cognac, or whiskey… Christmas music plays low… the holiday lights (along with the booze!) provide the glow… what could be better?

    I’m alive! I’m in good health – at least from what I know! Same with the wife… same with the kid…

    There are people out their facing cancer, facing possible, probable, or even certain (in the near term) death. There are men and women who have lost limbs or worse fighting overseas. There are people who have lost their jobs… lost their homes… lost their children…

    My God! I am so blessed and I know it! Thank you God! Thank you for all you’ve seen fit to allow me and my family!

  4. shutupnsing says:

    Thanks Lee & Patty!! Bill…I swear I see Churchill sitting right there beside you!

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