The Day…and the People Who Lived in Infamy!

On December 6, 1941…we were a people preoccupied with our toys and movie stars living in an isolationist nation still hung over from a Great Depression.

On December 7th, we awoke to tragedy, destiny and greatness as one nation under God! On this day, a sleeping giant awakened from his slumber, stood and stretched from sea to shining sea…and I’m willing to bet you that on that very day, on some level, the enemy knew they were done!

Guys? Admit it…think back on your life and earlier years. Remember? That time when you picked that fight with the wrong fella…and you knew it the minute you looked in his eye? I guarantee you that is exactly what they knew and felt at that moment in time! Yup, Detroit went from Roadmasters to B52’s, Junior went from 16 and a half to 18 and Debutante Deb became Rosie the Riveter cranking out an endless production line of Whoop Ass …all overnight!

Today is a day to remember, and count our blessings as a nation. The giant has most certainly fallen back asleep, but we are the very same people…with one very crucial difference. Our greatest blessings have always resided in the hand of the very same Providence that put the leadership of Washington at the most vulnerable moment of our creation, Lincoln at the most desperate moment of our division, Reagan at the most critical moment of Communism and FDR at the very darkest moment of Fascism! Where is Providence hiding our leaders today, one might ask?

And look who FDR had around him then! Henry Stimson, William Leahy, Dwight Eisenhower, Douglas MacArthur, George Patton….GIANTS ALL! Today?….read ’em and weep boys and girls!

I have heard it said that if 9/11 couldn’t re-awaken the giant…what on earth will?

When Providence awakens the hearts and minds of true Americans that the greatest threat our nation has ever faced will not be from the skies, the oceans, bullets or bombs…but from the ink of a pen in the hand of Barack Hussein Obama…then and only then, will we have a fighting chance! Until that day, our days of infamy will be long behind us! And I dread for the sake of our children what lies ahead…

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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