“The Root of All Evil”, a Murder Mystery!

Do you remember the movie D.O.A from 1988 starring Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan? It was a pretty good who-done-it where the murder victim is actually Dennis Quaid’s character who spends the entire movie searching for the killer who slipped him a very lethal and slow acting poison during a very drunken night on the town.

That was the first remake of the original from 1950. And now we have a second remake…on a slightly grander and more epic scale. You see, this time the murder victim is all of Western Civilization…which is essentially you and me!

All of the greatest murder mysteries contain the very same ingredients of success. The darker and more diabolical the villain, the better! And the more accessible and loveable the victim, the better! Well I ask you…who is more accessible and loveable than you or I? And what about our villain? Oh, that’s right…If I gave that away, it wouldn’t be a mystery now would it? Let’s see…I think we need clues first.

I’m going to just toss them all out here on the table…sort of like scrabble, OK?

Healthcare, Glass-Steagall, Thomas Jefferson, 9/11, Chris Dodd, ACORN, George Soros, Nancy Pelosi, Green Energy, Journalism, Media, George Soros, Andy Stern, Jon Corzine, Michael Bloomberg, Leverage, S&P Downgrade, Freddie Mac, George Soros, Fannie Mae, re-hypothecation, MF Global, $1.2-3 Billion, George Soros, Shadow Party, Derivatives, Shadow Bank, Barack Obama, Chicago, Emanuel, James Madison, the Constitution, Congress, Sarbanes-Oxley, Insider Trading, Financial Reform, Timothy Geithner, Euro, Sovereign Debt, George Soros, Agenda 21, God, NWO, Brussels, Angela Merkel, IMF, Ben Bernanke, ECB, $10 Billion, UK, Bank of England, George Soros, The Coming Insurrection, Fiscal Sovereignty, $600 Trillion, Al Gore, Credit Default Swap, White House, Goldman Sachs, Jarrett,  NEA, SEIU, Eric Holder, Gun Reform, Fast & Furious, Nicolas Sarkozy, UN, Climate Control, George Soros

We are already dead, in the sense we once knew ourselves to be. Our killer has rather ingeniously created the illusion of a normal life almost everywhere we look, but make no mistake…we are the walking dead.

The very same man who “broke the Bank of England”, was rumored to have pocketed $10 Billion on the S&P Downgrade of US-bet he placed in the UK…the very same UK where Jon Corzine gambled away $1.2-3 Billion of “sacrosanct” MF Global client funds in a totally unregulated and unrestricted financial orgy known as re-hypothecation, where the God-less Vampires go to feed on humanity! The very same place, where his loss became just another Soros gain! AND yes, the very same Soros who, for all intents and purposes, owns most of our Politicians, Western Media & Journalism…which, might otherwise have shed some light on all of this when it might have made a difference! And now, these European Nations must decide; Sovereignty or Survival?

You there…sipping your tropical delight with the umbrella in it. There is a Tsunami bigger than the planet itself bearing down on you. Bookmark your spot, grab your family…and RUN! (Run is a metaphor here…there is nowhere to run to. A better word would be PREPARE.) This Zerohedge piece explains why; http://www.zerohedge.com/news/why-uk-trail-mf-global-collapse-may-have-apocalyptic-consequences-eurozone-canadian-banks-jeffe

There is however, some good news. 1) Their Climate Scam went bust! 2) We’re armed!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KCkr2psNvCs&feature=player_embedded

Have a nice day! 🙂


Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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