The Night of the Charlatan!

Sometimes it almost seems as if one day we went to bed in a world where we were proud of being American – United as a people, regardless of our political leanings or ethnic backgrounds…and woke up the next day in a completely foreign land, where divisiveness, envy and class warfare abound, and being American is something to apologize for! How…WHY?

The most frequently applied explanation lies at the feet of the NEA and their hooks in the Public Education System which began back in the mid-sixties. But that was simply an open door to the mind of America. A treachery far more devastating has taken place, and it is every bit as lethal to our way of life as the legislative treachery that removed the fire wall separating banks from insurance and investment brokers…because it opened the door to the heart of America. And all revolutionaries know that once you have the heart, the mind will surely follow!

I wish to preface what I am about to say with an important distinction. There are many good people in the psycho-therapy business, but the body of work is fundamentally deceptive with an agenda that has little to do with the health of the patient! They are the babysitter turned kidnapper. The affection they engender through application of their healing salve to the deepest wounds of the heart…is the oldest game in mind control. Furthermore, while there may be plenty of examples of dysfunctional people who became functional with their help; I believe history will record the consequence of their treatment as the second greatest devastating bullet to pierce the collective heart of our society! And the only reason they’re number two is because therapy is a choice, where public education is not…for the most part. Either way, together they are the one-two punch of the manifesto! Heart and mind, mind and soul!

What happened to us on the way to feeling better about ourselves? What did it cost us besides the 50% the insurance company didn’t cover? And who paid the price? The society that has been therapized, has been feminized. As a result, we have been reproductively compromised (Anyone care to take my bet on where your therapist stands on abortion too?) and dangerously softened! Hey, I’m feeling lucky enough to wager three more bets with you.

1)      Your therapist is in solidarity with the Wall Street Occupiers, and condemns the Tea Party stand in Washington!

2)      Your therapist is in solidarity with the Palestinians, and condemns the “Israeli Occupiers!”

3)      Your therapist is pretty much in solidarity with any group opposed to Traditional Family Values. Why?…BECAUSE THEY KIDNAPPED YOU, REMEMBER????

We went to sleep one night in a Wonderful Life where all of our physical and emotional needs were met by our parents, local school teachers, doctors, priests or rabbis…and somehow woke up in an insane asylum run by your Communist sister…who calls herself Reverend!!!


Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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