The Great Republican Con Job!

What a wonderful Christmas Present we Conservatives received from our Republican friends in Congress this Christmas! Not only did they finally accomplish something, they did it in the final hours of their 2011 Session…The House Republicans, led by Speaker Boehner, actually accomplished the impossible! THEY OUT-PERFORMED THE MEDIA AT MAKING BARACK OBAMA LOOK GOOD! Now that’s talent!

And of course that was only our stocking present! The real goodies are under the Holiday Tree! I don’t know about you, but I’ve been wondering all year how they could possibly outdo themselves after their amazing gifts from last year! I mean, how is it possible to top Obamacare? It was darn near impossible to keep up with their flowing generosity last year! And yet they’ve all been so hard at work…you just know that sleigh is going to be all loaded up with some real doozies this Christmas!

Well you know what? Shame on us people!! They keep feeding us bull crap because we keep eating it! Look at this world people!! Look at this obscene mess!! You can trace every last stinking bit of it to the steaming pile of rancid human excrement under that dome on Capitol Hill!

From this day forth we true Conservatives & Patriots won’t be having any more, thank you! You see,  Republican and Democrat are just two different ways of spelling CROOK! A FAKE Ballot Box means NO Ballot Box! My mother always said, “We are what we eat and become what we think!” So nothing but the nourishment of truth in this house from now on! Stay tuned for a very special Sunday Tune-up tomorrow, and in the meantime…please pass the Stansberry!

…and when you’re ready for the desert, here’s the very thing! Complete with the ripest and most perfect cherry on top! Central Big Government Con Artists are EXACTLY the same on both sides of the Atlantic! …and where in the hell is our Farage?

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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