Rule of Law & the Rain in Spain!

The Rule of Law is to the marketplace as gravity is to the universe. Take gravity away from the universe and everything instantly dissolves into disorganized heat energy! – Ann Barnhardt

I know it may seem as if I’ve traded in my suit for the robes of an Ann Barnhardt disciple, but follow me here a moment. First, part of being a songwriter is having the knack of tying ideas together to form a more compelling picture…or song. And second, all my life I’ve carried an abnormally excessive disdain for disingenuous people…which works in reverse when I come across honest people. I tend to love and listen to them!

What captures me in Ann’s Blog today is the connection between the violations of the Rule of Law at the COMEX, and the very same violations on a global scale that are throwing the entire planet into chaos at the least, and the beginning of the end…in a worst case scenario.

Ann points out the fact that morality and integrity are foundational essentials to a marketplace that would literally “implode” without them. Well, if one turns away from the One Flew Over the Cuckoo Nest mind-numbing music of the State-run Media to see the real world for two seconds…Here’s Johnny coming at you through the bathroom door…with a great big axe! (Couldn’t resist combining my favorite activist with my favorite actor!)

Someone please point out the slightest trace of morality or integrity in any of thousands of pages of bills this congress has run through us like crap through a goose! Hell, if morality and integrity are foundational to the marketplace, what are they to the very foundation itself…the very government of the people, by the people and for the people. And what pray God, if their polar opposites presided in their place? TYRANNY, THAT’S WHAT!

If you want to see and understand what happens to a world where God and Rule of Law are replaced by Elite Social Liberals, look no further than the fires consuming Europe! It took only 7 years for them to bring Spain to its knees…with the EXACT same GREEN FANTASY they’re imposing here!! This is what happens in a world where people become too lazy to look after the Garden of Truth! They allow the weeds of apathy and neglect to prepare the soil for their own demise and enslavement! How many rules and regulations must you swallow before you realize their poison?

The hands of the darkest clock in the world are moving power from local to central, and I have figured out that there are three of us left in the world. There are the purely evil and their minions who’ve literally traded their souls for the breadcrumbs. There are those of us who have inherited the insatiable appetite for the very liberties and freedoms bequeathed to us, along with the fierce determination to protect them for our sons and daughters. And then there are those who literally sit plumb-square on the fence of indifference, moved by neither and annoyed by both!

Which one are you? 2012 will surely tell!

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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2 Responses to Rule of Law & the Rain in Spain!

  1. Gingrich.


    If it were within my power to appoint myself I would..

    But it’s not.

    If it were within my power to raise a 60 year old Ronald Reagan from the grave – good as new – I would…

    But it’s not.

    If I could simply “appoint” Ron Paul president… or dictator for four years… I would…

    But I can’t.

    Therefore it’s gotta be Gingrich.

    Slam him. Hate him. Spend an hour or two or three coming up with a list of all the reasons it shouldn’t be Gingrich…

    And then compare and contrast to Mitt Romney.

    It’s gotta be Gingrich.

    Now I could spend time here explaining why – policy wise – Gingrich is a better choice than Bachmann or Santorum or Perry or Cain…

    But I won’t bother; the fact is… it’s gonna be either Romney or Gingrich.

    I choose Gingrich.

    This nation is literally at the cusp of collapse into something “other”… something “less”… something we can’t allow yet we won’t be able to stop unless it’s Gingrich in 2012.

    “When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.”

    It is time for each of us to put away childish things. It must be Gingrich in 2012 or else I doubt our nation will survive in recognizable form through 2013… 2014… 2015… 2016.

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