The Wishing Well!

Wishing Well (The most important penny you’ve ever tossed!)

I lay awake on a winter’s night…

Thinking ‘bout all the people outside my door…

…looking for more. – CM/ My Girl

Today is the day I normally give it a rest…but I literally was lying awake with something inside that simply needed to come out. I had realized that I had promised to put my song Wishing Well up on my BigDawg page for my Fanjam fans Wednesday afternoon…and I forgot! Friends, behold the power of God…

I write about what I see and feel…as I’m sure most poets and songwriters. I wrote Wishing Well as a true story of someone trapped by circumstance. They had literally become the department store mannequin, frozen in a window of time…able to see the world going by, but helpless to engage and Carpe Diem…seize their moment in time, change their circumstances and pursue their divine right of happiness!

I was able to write this musical narrative of a real life rescue mission, because the woman I rescued had in fact saved me from the very same window!

So here’s how God spoke to me this morning…

How many of us, regardless of our present career and family situations, feel trapped and helpless to affect the course of events that are shaping our lives and the futures of our families? How many of us, regardless of our politics, know deep down inside that something is terribly broken…but think, there’s nothing I can do about it?

Years ago I worked for a very funny man in California who we fondly referred to as the Chief, Jack Litcha of Litcha Construction. His wife Janeane, would make breakfast for about ten of us every morning before we headed out to the job sites. He would tell jokes for one hour straight and he had the smoothest delivery and the most extensive joke inventory of any man I ever knew. He was the walking Britannica of Jokes. And, he used these breakfast sessions to motivate us. You see, if you were the one who screwed up the day before…didn’t get something done right, or finished on time…you were the brunt of the next morning’s joke session! Trust me; it’s not a seat any of us fought over! But it was all in good spirit, and I learned how to eat and laugh at the same time!

The Chief had a saying that he sort of wore out on our ears. “If you s—t in one hand and wish in the other, which one do you think is gonna fill up first?” Well, it’s funny…and true enough when you think about it. But it was the Chief’s delivery that made it stick…and probably influenced the song some 26 years later!

So here’s the payoff…When we allow ourselves to be wishful victims of circumstance, then we are nothing more than frozen mannequins in the window of life. We have become greyhounds chasing rabbits in the circle of our lives…something outside of ourselves always leading us further and further from our own power! It’s time my friends…its time to break the cycle!

So climb to your window and breathe in the fresh air

and rise up from your poverty

look out on the sunrise with fire in your belly

and imagine what you want to be!

Take this into your heart, and along with a very special Shutupnsing Blog entry tomorrow, who knows? A Carpe Diem New Years Resolution we can all sink our hearts into…our Bravehearts? 🙂

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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