When the Power of Self-Reliance Meets the Poison of Self-Interest!

What About Freedom? (Play after reading!)
There are two trains on the same set of tracks running at full steam. One is the Engine of Self-Reliance heading North, and the other is the Engine of Self-Interest heading South. They are diametrically opposed where the fate of America is concerned and, unless a miracle occurs, we will all perish in the most apocalyptic train-wreck imaginable!

When I was a kid, I was as miserably unhappy and insecure as anyone you could possibly have known. I possessed zero self-esteem and chose some pretty unhealthy ways of dealing with a world that I experienced as pure pain.

What I came to realize…in time, was that my true power was taken from me at a very early age and locked away by a father who was, in a sense, his own victim of the need for power and control. It’s one thing to mete out harsh punishment to teach discipline and respect. It’s quite another, to bend the human spirit under your thumb. But at the end of a very painful day, realization brings understanding, understanding brings forgiveness and forgiveness brings salvation! To everything…there is a purpose.

                                              The Self-Interest Express

I don’t care if you’re gay, straight, rich, poor, man, woman, black, white, religious, atheist, environmentalist, CEO, union, non-union, doctor, lawyer, Indian chief…You are an American Citizen first! Your perceived rights and special interests can never come at the expense of the very liberties and freedoms that form the bedrock of our founding! And yet, you have been led to believe that they do…that your special interest…your self-interest is all that matters! And anyone who gets in the way of that fact…must be heartless and cruel…lacking in compassion, or worse…a Republican!

The Ruling Class Statist uses self-interest the way a fisherman uses the hook. First, let’s establish that self-interest and special interest is really the same thing. They are both forms of self-attachment. Gay Rights, Global Warming & Environmentalism, Racism are all major causes and issues of the Liberal who thinks it’s not about him or her, except that they actually become the issue in the sense of how they identify with the world…which is where the compassion comes in. They are the polar bear! They are the planet! 🙂

It never occurs to them that the Statist Fisherman uses their need to save themselves like a big juicy worm on the hook to the fish they’ve allowed themselves to become! This is how Big Government reels in its Big Government Catches & Schemes like Cap & Trade, Green Energy and Agenda 21…by lathering the hook with the irresistible bait of compassion and sustainability. The Cause becomes their Holy Grail. Anyone who feeds it feeds them and secures their votes! The problems are never solved…the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. The Statist Fisherman centralizes power and control…and the fish get eaten! By the way, I remember fishing where I grew up in Canton, Connecticut. There was actually a fish called a Sucker!

                                            The Engine of Self-Reliance

If we were able to wave a magic wand that would separate out the Marxist propaganda that has infiltrated our culture like the most aggressive and insidious weed in history (Which it is!), we would be left with a flower in perfect condition. The flower of Self Reliance! And we would also know that it was the very nature, efficiency and nourishment of this one simple flower that allowed the greatest garden in the history of man to grow and flourish! The flower, fortunately for us all, cannot be killed…but it can and has been severely neglected.

My father could not kill it, though he tried desperately. But this flower is the worst threat imaginable to the Elite Gardener who seeks to rule our lives! Because the reality is that the Garden of Self-Reliance needs no gardener, elite or otherwise! And the fruits that come of it are the most compassionate and sustainable produce of all gardens because they are fully open to the rains of natural law and the pure light of God’s Love!

These facts are written into our history, and are as essential to the health and vitality of our Nation as the Constitution itself. Furthermore, it is the freshest air of individual liberty and freedom that inspires the garden to grow of its own power…independent of outside interference. What the Engine of Self-Reliance produces, the Self-Interest Express must consume…because it thinks it has no choice! One gives and the other takes…as it has always been. The tragic irony is that if the Statist, like the Controlling Father were to let go and allow, there would be abundance for all!

The Engine of Self-Reliance cannot shut down, for if it did there would be Tyranny of the darkest order. The only possible miracle that would avert the impending collision is for the Self-Interest Express to find the brake lever in the cockpit labeled FREEDOM and just let go…by yanking that sucker with all of their might!

What about you, what about me, what about Freedom?

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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