Agenda 21 + Crony Capitalism = The Death of “Home Rule” & Property Rights!

When Paul Revere made his famous midnight ride, life was much simpler…God was much easier to find, and the Devil was a lot easier to spot too! The enemy wore crimson red and stood out like so many male cardinals on newly fallen snow in open fields of the New England Countryside. My how times have changed…

I first learned about Home Rule from Professor Gerald Benjamin; one of New York State’s leading authorities on the subject of Government. Today, I understand, he works as a consultant for Governor Cuomo’s Administration. He was one of the lecturer’s brought in for the Leadership Orange “Government” Session in 1995, during which he enlightened our class on the subject of Home Rule. We learned how and why New York is (was?) a Home Rule State, and about the undercurrents of social forces that argue for local versus regional & more distant centralized government. God, if we knew then what we know now!

In a nutshell, the argument in favor of Home Rule is that local identity and control have always been of paramount importance to the citizens of a community. We would much prefer our relationship to government exist through officials we know by sight and name, to that of some faraway faceless bureaucrat…a bureaucrat much less inclined to respond to our grievances than the Town Supervisor we’re likely to bump into at the Post Office! The argument against Home Rule is purely financial in the costs associated with the layering of multiple governments that it creates.

In 1995 I didn’t know about George Soros, or a New World Order. In 2001, I thought the Patriot Act was, well…Patriotic. Now in 2012, I see the dreaded line that passes through these men and their politics to connect the dots of the UN Plan Agenda 21 to the treacherous ink of Obama’s pen on the National Defense Authorization Act…literally while we slept, on December 31, 2011.

                                                            Agenda 21

Agenda 21 is to the American People what a Brinicle is to life on the ocean floor…the certain death of life as we know it! What could present a more stealthy threat to unsuspecting ocean-life than salt itself? (A Brinicle is salt & water!) And yet that is exactly what the Brinicle does in a slow, creeping and incremental fashion… As is the pattern with most Big Government schemes, it lays its groundwork by attaching itself to the emotional side of our social psyche through words like sustainability and smart-growth. It introduces itself by mirroring how we wish to see our selves…as responsible citizens and stewards of the environment.

In all of the major social initiatives afoot in the world right now, from healthcare reform to financial reform, to global warming and sustainable community (Agenda 21)…they are all about one thing and one thing only: THE CEDING OF LOCAL SOVEREIGNTTY TO A CENTRAL AUTHORITY! Each and every one of them is masked in the guise of feel-good compassion and brotherly love.

I had a conversation just yesterday with a very good friend who expressed skepticism over the threat of Agenda 21 because of the cherished sanctity of Home Rule in New York. Funny…we used to think the very same thing about Marriage in New York! If you ever have to choose between a corrupt politician and a corrupt businessman, choose the corrupt businessman because the free market will eventually flush him out. In fact, the community has far less to fear from the corrupt businessman as long as the integrity of government is sound. On the other hand, the community has more to fear from a government without integrity because a government has authority over a community that business does not. With business, we have a choice. Try choosing not to pay your taxes…or ignoring the EVER INCREASING TORRENT of laws and regulations! But the community that suffers corrupt politicians and corrupt businessmen…Agenda 21 relies on the marriage of the two!

                                                    Crony Capitalism

U-N-I-O-N (I could end the discussion right here!) I have a client who is a union carpenter from Bergen County, New Jersey who works out of New York City. The TV show, The Soprano’s? It’s all real…or used to be. You see, there’s a new Mob in town…and it’s called Big Government! Which is exactly why Jon Corzine will never see the inside of a jail cell…he is the ultimate Obama Regime Crony! Anyway, he told me all about the “white envelopes” that were handed off on every job site before they could ever set foot on the job.

As a member of a Small Business Task Force, I became aware of a business term that has become as acceptable to doing business in New York as breathing is to living. The term is Pay to Play! In the world of pay to play, everything including and especially morality and integrity take a back seat to money and greed. And there is no choice in the matter…if you want that approval, that variance or that job, that’s just the way it is. This is exactly why, with each passing day…our state and federal constitutions become less and less relevant…until one day____________________________? You fill in the blank!

To be fair, there are many wonderful business, local and state officials who do great work on behalf of the communities they serve. I happen to live in a community that has flourished even in these tough times because of their stewardship! But each and every one of us is extremely vulnerable to the Intension that exists on the part of the nefarious among us. They will rely on our apathy and misplaced trust. They will fear our diligence. So my friend, be diligent! Do your homework! Nothing could possibly be more important to you and your family! If only it were just the British…we had so much less to fear then! 🙂



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3 Responses to Agenda 21 + Crony Capitalism = The Death of “Home Rule” & Property Rights!

  1. Right on target, Chip.

    Here’s the bottom line, though: The problem isn’t so much home rule vs. big government, the problem is government per se in terms of power and resources.

    The more power and resources you allow government officials (whether at the local, county, regional, state or federal level) the less power “We The People” retain.

    God bless Sarah McKinley!

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