The Sunday Morning Tune-up, January 8th 2012 Edition!

I’m gonna wake up every morning to lose what I must win,

and find another way of livin’ that feels good within my skin…

I’m gonna throw away the book of lies that brought me to this place…

gonna see myself reflected in the timelessness of grace.

Gonna tear down every stinkin’ wall I built to keep me in…

Gonna pledge allegiance to myself and save my only friend…

from this mountain of fears, I stand bold and in my tracks..

When you walk through this door there ain’t no turnin’ back..

from a New Earth under you. – New Earth, CM

This is nothing! Everything you are experiencing at this very second is nothing more than your attachment to it. The Disciples of Christ, though they witnessed miracles, had to take him on faith in one sense, relative to the core of his message. The flesh is nothing…the spirit is everything!

You and I have the advantage of knowing, by seeing the sub-atomic world; that matter does not exist as we once thought that it did! When viewed through our most powerful microscopes…it is not there! And yet, we are more attached to nothing than ever before…while we let everything slip away!

On January 20th, the man who inspired our Sunday Morning get-togethers will check himself into a hospital to remove the nothing he has carried his entire life, and he will leave the hospital with everything! I would ask you all to say a prayer for my friend. If you live in the Orange County area of New York, your life is better today because of his everything. The good news is that his everything is forever; while he has seen millions upon millions of nothings come and go…as have we all.

Everything is energy, and the energy of our existence is carrying us to a place that most of us are ill-prepared for. We are about to become that passenger of the Titanic that lost her seat in the lifeboat because we couldn’t take all of the nothing from our 1st class stateroom!

The very same forces conspire to ground you to the illusion today as they did in the time of Jesus. Their power over you is your attachment to nothing by degree. The more you believe you need it, the more they have you…which is exactly why Jesus was and is such a threat to them!

We have all been fed the book of lies to cover up the ancient truth! We have all been conditioned to validate the external and invalidate the internal…everything! We have locked ourselves away in the iron mask! Well guess what? It’s FREEDOM time! Time to loose what we must win…All for One, and One for All!

There is one voice in the wilderness that carries the same fearless energy of John the Baptist and Joan of Arc, and she is challenging us to rise up and remove the chains of bondage that bind us to the Tyrant’s will! It is time…time to let go of nothing!

Note- Special Ann Barnhardt Event!

Okay, we have everything locked down and confirmed from my understanding regarding the Ann Barnhardt event. Now we have to promote it. Please post this event on your websites and share it with your email lists. We need to get close to 200 people.
Topic: Perils to America Today from Decay of Financial Markets and from Islam
When: Friday January 27th
Where: South Knoxville Baptist Church, 522 Sevier Ave, Knoxville, TN.
Time: 6:30 to 8:30

D. Kevin Desmond



Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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