Our House of Shame…in Wonderland!

Think about how angry you would be if you were laid off from your job with no job prospects in sight. And while you and your wife are away for a couple of days at a National Job Fair to find work, your kids throw a lavish and elaborate party on your dime for their friends…unbeknownst to you!


This analogy fits so naturally into place because the man who has occupied the White House really is the Man-Child Rush has depicted…which would explain his affinity with Occupy Wall Street, and disdain for the adults in the room, the Tea Party!

The notion that this man, of all men, and the “angry black woman” who have taken up residence in our White House have no concept of what it means to be an American, is only strengthened by this latest slap in the face of the American People. What the American People have yet to understand, is that their insults are by design and diabolically intentional! A “Secret” Mad Hatter’s Tea Party in the State Dining Room…Tim Burton…Johnny Depp…paid for by you and me while millions of Americans were suffering the worst of the Recession?

Malaise is a word that comes up quite often as a description of the mood of the country during the Carter years. I wonder how many of us would gladly have those years back in exchange for the hell we find ourselves in today.

The Obama’s wear a let them eat cake arrogance as well as any of history’s most notable Tyrants…because they can. Who’s to stop them? Certainly not the legions of Marxist-Socialists masquerading as Journalists. And certainly not the Ruling Class Establishment Politician masquerading as the Conservative Republican “Frontrunner”!

This latest in an endless parade of Obama fiascos really is the perfect metaphoric epitaph for a Presidency that can’t end soon enough! Because we all disappeared into the Rabbit Hole on the very day he took office!  

Wonderland…like Utopia, are great places for the Progressive child who won’t face reality. But they are no place for you and me!



Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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