The Sunday Morning Tune-up, January 15th 2012 Edition!

Deja vu Blues (Please listen after reading)

I don’t need no mansion on a hill

to feel the sunshine on my window sill.

Don’t need religion to find the best of me,

I give it all away religiously…

…and when it’s gone and I’m alone…

…just God and me in solidarity – Chip Murray, Déjà vu Blues

Good morning dear friend. It seems only natural 🙂  to bring you to my favorite place after covering the other side of the fence in my “Herd” piece yesterday!

                                              The Salvation of Solitude

My favorite read on the life of Jesus was the book Rabbi Jesus, written by the biblical scholar and theologian Bruce Chilton. In it he describes the early life of Christ with a wonderful elaboration on his childhood social life and relationship with those around him. If I had to pick one word to describe his early years, it would be solitude.

Because of the Virgin Birth, he was viewed as an illegitimate child of Mary and therefore treated as outside the faith by everyone in the community. He was not allowed to participate in the traditional services and ceremonies in the temple of his own faith…not even at the death of Joseph. Ponder this side of solitude a moment…the devastating pain of isolation and rejection he must have felt as a child.

This may sound strange, but I count as one of my greatest blessings, the fact that I was not the handsome jock surrounded by friends-pillar of popularity as a kid. In fact I was your basic square peg fumbling for round holes most of my younger years. What felt like a curse to me all those years, I now view as a blessing in retrospect. In fact, it was the powerful fuel and early nurturing of my singer-songwriter essence. When you have everything outside, there’s no reason to turn inside. In fact the temptations of earthly treasures available to the outside man are like a deadbolt of solid steel sealing off the popular man in the herd to the inner wealth his conscious mind will never miss.

He leadeth me beside the still waters. He restoreth my soul.” These words from Psalm 23 describe the divine light of solitude as well as any I can think of. It occurs to me that I may need to explain my interpretation of the lyrics above. First of all, as I was just explaining to my cousin the other day, I write best when I’m not the one doing the writing. 🙂  In other words, I set my intention the night before…and then literally empty myself of myself in front of the keyboard or pen and paper. This is very cool when you get used to it. Anyway, the word Religion takes on a Herd-like outside quality here…very much apart from the still waters in Psalm 23. I guess if we can’t squeeze our wealth through the eye of the needle Jesus spoke about, it would be pretty tough to push a herd through there as well, eh? It all really boils down to attachments. I can only watch my very popular 13-year-old step-daughter to whom her friends are everything, and pray for her inner self to weather the storm of neglect.

We are living in extremely dangerous times. The well-being of our country is in fact predicated on the well-being of the individual. Both nation and individual exist as a three-legged stool that is only as solid as the three legs of Family, Social & Work. The greatness of our Nation, our American Exceptionalism lies in the sovereign power vested in us (individually) as our inalienable rights from God!

Part 2 of “The Herd” has come to me and I will make it my Tuesday Blog. For now, understand that there is a great and deadly force in the world that looks to reverse the natural and divine order to subordinate the individual to the Collective! It is everywhere. It has permeated the very wood fiber of all three legs to in essence…make them one! So, even the smallest dash of critical thinking will reveal the folly of the one-legged stool to the diligent eye. And this is the vigilant intention we must keep in our deepest meditation and our prayers. May God Bless and Keep us all!


Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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