The Herd (Part 2)

“If there’s a single issue you need to know more about — because of its major impact on the future of our economy and our sovereignty — its America’s involvement in the $1.3 trillion European bailout fund.” – Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers

                                             Two Visions for America

 (A)This President has doubled down on the European Model of Failure, surpassing the spending of the all of the previous 43 Presidents combined ($6.3 Tril.) at $6.5 Tril, and still going strong! On top of this, we seem to have an epidemic of Fiscal Amnesia in America. MF CEO Corzine & Inspector General of the Federal Reserve can’t explain where $1.2 Bil in customer money and $9 Tril in taxpayer money went, respectively.

Is this what they mean by the New Normal? 😦

(B)Tea Party = Personal Responsibility, Constitutional Government, Balanced Budget, Free Market Capitalism.

And the Ruling Class would have us believe that (B) are the “Extremists” who must be “dropped”? What do you call the strongest and most blessed society in history to ever surrender without firing a single shot?

                                                The Herd (Part 2)

50 years ago, if the words above (factoring in for inflation) had found their way into print in even the most obscure publication…a wildfire of public mobilization would focus every resource in the country until those responsible were brought to justice and the crisis averted! Today, we glide right past what has become just another yawn factor standing between us and the latest tabloid scandal! There is a thief in our house in the process of taking everything from us and violating all that we hold sacred and dear…whilst we freshen their drinks…and offer them our sons and daughters! In 50 years the courageous spirit of Point du hoc has become a foggy haze of apathetic indifference and blind obedience! Who are we anymore???


There is nothing more critical to the strength and well-being of a society than the strength and well-being of its most important component, the family! Traditional Family is the Plant Bed that nurtures the seed of individualism to healthier roots and greater heights. My cousin Josh is writing a book based on the letters his father had written him over the years. He saved every one of them! Every single letter contained a piece of his father, a fiber of wisdom handed down in each word…better than a thousand pictures. Robert Roy MacGregor’s Honor is a man’s gift to himself- lesson to his two sons, provides the powerful male energy nutrient that is the perfect complement to the soft embrace of a mother’s love. Every essential ingredient a man or woman need in life is found in the cell of traditional family! And yet today, the traditional family has staggered its way on to the endangered species list…on the hit list of those who would replace it.


There was a time when most of us left our houses unlocked and sealed bargains with a handshake. We were too busy celebrating our common interests to notice our differences. Since Community (Social) is nothing more than a network of Family, then common sense would suggest that where there are strong healthy families, you will find strong healthy Community! And conversely, more and more communities are struggling today because of the deterioration of family values and the weakened integrity of the traditional family structure. Leftist ideology, force-fed into public school curriculum along with the cancer of multiculturalism, provide the coup de grace; splintering and fractionalizing the cohesive social fabric that was once the envy of the world!


Here again, Strong Family > Strong Community > Strong Work Force is exactly how America evolved from a handful of Colonial Farmers to beat the most powerful empire in the world and go on to become the most powerful nation in the world. Pull the leg of Family out from under the other two, and I would be afraid to imagine our world today. The very same enemy of the traditional family strikes again by removing morality and scruples from the bottom line. Goodbye handshake, hello Enron! Thank you Professor Bupp! Add corrupt career politicians and labor unions to the mix, and greatness is brought to its knees in the blink of an eye. The envy has become the joke!

We are bitten by a spider spawned long ago by Carnagie’s and Rockefellers. The spider’s venom works to paralyze the social muscle and nerve center. We see the impending death of ourselves, but we are helpless to stop it. The deadly venom turns the body against itself. Healthy cells are attacked by the stricken ones. The venom is called Political Correctness and it has invaded all three legs of the once solid social stool, turning them weak and wobbly.

When I joined the Tea Party several years ago, I made a conscious decision to choose country before friends, honor before profit and death before surrender. I have been called a bigot, a racist, a fatalist and judgmental for simply standing up, questioning the path we’re on and demanding accountability from those responsible. We do it for the one God and the one Truth. I do it because I will have to answer to them and Andrew Murray and Benjamin Ebenezer Cory one day! And they did it 236 years ago!

In closing with a touch of levity, a member of the Herd needs a little more money…what say you?

He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it.~ Martin Luther King, Jr.


Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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One Response to The Herd (Part 2)

  1. Chip,

    As you may know, I’m temporarily sans working home computer. Thus… I’m now at a public library reading your blog.

    Note: I’m reading your blog BEFORE heading over to Drudge!


    Hey… have been listening to the CD. Fanfrigg’ntastic, my brother!

    Right now I have three CDs in my car: Toby Keith, Clancy’s Bar; Seth MacFarlane, Music is Better than Words; and YOUR CD.

    As to politics… Newt kicked butt last night.

    Romney? He failed to explain to me how Bain made $100 million profit off a company which went bankrupt. (Hey… remember Hillary’s Cattle Futures profits… they weren’t my idea of “capitalistic profit” either.)

    The other thing Romney said… (*JUST SHAKING MY HEAD*)… he basically defended Obama’s position that the President is above the law and that American citizens can now be stripped of their constitutional rights via executive fiat.

    Not in MY America, Chip… not in MY America.


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