The Keystone President!

On Wednesday January 18, 2012, the Presidency of Barack Hussein Obama catapulted well beyond its flirtation with mere Carter-type legacy into the realm of Keystone Cops meets the Merry Pranksters.


Your best friend stumbles into your house. He has just come off the Appalachian Trail in the middle of a sweltering heat wave. He hasn’t had a drop of water in 3 days. He collapses into your arms in a semi-conscious state of relief because he knows that you’re his friend…and you have water.

And then…you take all liquids out of your refrigerator and empty them down the drain (with him watching), turn off the water main to the house and leave your friend to die a very agonizing death from thirst on your kitchen floor. This is exactly what Barack Obama has just done to America!

In reality, this President has left Carter and the Keystone Cops in a cloud of celestial dust to carve his own niche in Presidential Space! You see, Carter was a fool…and the Keystone Cops were funny fools. But there is nothing foolish about the Obama Death Star. Every single stroke of the Obama pen has been a perfectly choreographed step towards the death of America, and the birth of Serfdom!

The Keystone Pipeline has passed the environmental reviews of every affected state. Nebraska had a “Sand Fields” concern that was mitigated by exemption and moving the pipeline outside of the fields! The President’s approval would have resulted in thousands of American jobs today and a HUGE step towards our energy independence…in sharp contrast to his previous empty “shovel-ready” promises-turned $798 Billion Political Slush Fund!

So essentially our Keystone President with “good intentions”, as GOP Frontrunner Romney tells us, has just stabbed 80% of America in the back to appease the 20% (assuming all Progressives are Enviro-whackos) who couldn’t possibly vote for anyone but him? This would only make sense to those of us who walk on our knuckles…which I’m beginning to wonder.

If you do not see by now that Obama is ideologically prohibited from steering Americans towards anything with word independence after it, then you do not see!

What made the Keystone Cops brilliantly funny was the good guys ran in circles while the bad guys ran in straight lines. What makes our Keystone President so tragically sad is ironically the very same thing!

America’s road to economic recovery is a straight line from the point A of our Despair to the point B of our Prosperity. America’s Keystone President is a man of mysterious circular detour. In her darkest hour, America needs solutions and jobs from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Instead she finds secret Rabbit Holes and Mad Hatter Tea Parties! In her darkest hour, America needs a straight course! Instead, she braces for a second round of Kool-Aid…this time with a little acid mixed in. How much “Further”?



Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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3 Responses to The Keystone President!

  1. I was amazed that the market didn’t immediately nosedive by several hundred points following the announcement.

    That it didn’t… well… (*SCRATCHING MY HEAD*)… that shows you how rigged our supposedly capitalistic Wall Street model is; it’s totally delinked from reality!

    We’ll see if the Republican Presidential Candidates can focus on Obama’s politicized (and frankly treasonous in the sense of doing deliberate harm to America) Keystone decision.

    I’d also like to see the governors of the states where the pipeline would be going through challenge the legality of the president’s action. By what right does he Obama even have the ultimate say on what pipeline construction and placement individual states approve or disapprove of within their sovereign state territory?

    Let us pray that on this issue as well as others, time will show that by overplaying their hand the Left has sowed the seeds for it’s own overthrow.

    Watch how Newt “plays” this vs. how Romney “plays” this tonight. Hopefully he’ll be as aggressive on this as he’s been on judicial overreach.

    The American People are ready to be led; Newt is the man to lead us.

    While I expect Romney to “say the right things” with regard to Keystone, we all know that if Mitt were currently a sitting governor of one of the states being reamed by Obama he’d just sit and take it.

    Newt – like Rick Perry who just endorsed Newt – would fight the feds.

    Again, folks… I can stress this enough: Either Romney or Newt is gonna be the GOP nominee. Newt has more guts, more experience, more brains, and far more conviction.

    Romney…? He’s never been divorced.

    Folks… RONALD REAGAN was divorced!

    Folks… JIMMY CARTER had the sort of marriage the Romney’s have.

    For minister… give me Romney.

    For President of the United States… give me the man who wrote and claimed victory fighting for the Contract With America.

    • shutupnsing says:

      Well said Bill! What was your opinion of last debate? Of the surviving candidates, which one do you suppose will garner the Tea Party vote?

      • Newt 40%; Romney 28%.

        And the Establishment GOP’s reaction – echoed and encouraged by both the mainstream and (supposedly!) “conservative” media…


        While doing my workout this morning at the gym, I was watching the various Sunday morning news shows and apparently now it’s back to “er… it’s a long race… many states to go… South Carolina really doesn’t mean all that much… Romney still has the money and the organization… blah, blah, blah.”

        Funny. Since the Establishment’s hope of simply “deeming” a Romney victory hasn’t come to pass, it’s back to the “old” featured storyline of Romney being the only candidate who can possibly win because (against all we’ve learned over the past several months!) over moderates and independents and so he “must” be our candidate.


        Here’s the problem for the Establishment: We’re on to their game.

        They’re terrified of Gingrich for the same reason the Dems are – because they KNOW Gingrich can win and upon taking office… he’ll “return” to the early days of the Reagan years… he’ll “return” to the early days of the Republican Revolution of ’94/’95… he’ll actually put his efforts behind RESETTING COURSE and RETURNING TO CONSTITUTIONAL GOVERNMENT as opposed to simply “administering” a slower decline of our Republic – but a decline “administered” by the GOP elite.

        Folks… again and again and again I’ll say it: GINGRICH AIN’T PERFECT!

        Nope… but Ronald Reagan ain’t coming back and neither is Calvin Coolidge.

        Ron Paul AIN’T gonna be the GOP nominee.

        To those of you who like Santorum… as we say in NY… fagetaboutit!

        Newt’s the only guy we’ve got who we KNOW will at least TRY to save “our” America if given the chance.

        Romney would “manage” America. He’d do so far better than Obama has and no doubt better than McCain would have. That said… America 2012 doesn’t need a “manager” – we need a savior!

        We know Newt will TRY. We know Newt has tried before. As Speaker he was able to achieve more positive change in two years than this country had seen since Reagan’s first term.

        But, folks… Newt wasn’t president… Newt wasn’t “Chief of State” or “Commander-in-Chief.” This makes a HUGE difference in what once can “get away with” not just in terms of general actions, but in terms of alienating other power players within one’s own party.

        (FOLKS… THINK JOHN HICK…!!!)

        Speaker Gingrich was attacked from without… and from within. President Gingrich – as Head of State and titular Head of Party would have far clearer sailing towards getting his reforms enacted.

        Going back to Chip’s original question…

        Chip. Here’s what I believe: Newt Gingrich is the man not only to “save” the country (if such is possible), but part of his strategy for doing so will be to insert the Tea Party into the controlling organs of the GOP.

        Folks… look at it this way: Gingrich in a sense was the original “Tea Party” Republican.

        Romney…??? Do you think ROMNEY looks upon the Tea Party as anything other than an annoying irritant? Do you suppose Romney would do anything other than stand by and watch (with a smile on his face) while Boehner continues to “capture” Republicans like Nan Hayworth so that they’ll “slow” rather than REVERSE deficit spending and a general surrendering of our Constitutional Liberties?

        If there a “bad Newt?” Yep. But isn’t that so for all of us? If we can count on “the good Newt” 70% of the time we have a chance of saving this country!

        I believe we can.

        I beg you all to believe with me.

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