Convergence in the Lifting Fog!

The character of the danger is, if possible, even less understood here than it was in Germany. The supreme tragedy is still not seen that in Germany it was largely people of good will who, by their socialist policies, prepared the way for the forces which stand for everything they detest.”- Friedrich A. Hayek, The Road to Serfdom

There was a convergence in the blogosphere yesterday (1/18) that caught my eye.

The Becket Adams piece “Economic Terrorism: Was the 2008 Collapse Intentional?”, and Ann Barnhardt’s “Light Bulb. End Game” at (scroll down to 1/18)

The key words in each? Intentional and End-Game!

2008 Lehman Brothers> poor investments> gov’t intervention> crony capitalism

2011 MF Global               > poor investments> gov’t intervention> crony capitalism

A person possessing the least capability of critical thinking has to, at some point, wonder how a country such as ours reaches a point after 225 years…where an epidemic of crisis after crisis requires a massive intervention by the State…to save the day! All of a sudden after all these years the State needs to save us from overheating the planet (Cap & Trade), getting sick (Obamacare) and loosing money (Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform & Consumer Protection Act)?

The schemes of the State are always portrayed to benefit and protect the individual. But in every single instance the opposite is true. The individual grows weaker as the State grows stronger! Just ask the individual consumers of MF who, in the wake of Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform & Consumer Protection Act, had $1.2 Billion stolen from them…how protected they were? They should have called it the Dodd-Frank Consumer Funds Confiscation & JP Morgan Enrichment Act!

On so many levels and in so many ways, individual power is shrinking while a darker and more central power is expanding. They started with our own minds. Remember that catchy phrase, “Think globally, act locally.”? That was the well orchestrated second step of their plan. The first was to make us forget how we came to thrive locally in the first place! Knowing this, we would think and protect locally. Forgetting it, we will soon “Think globally and serve locally.”

All They have to do is buy enough people to buy them enough time to reach the point of no return. Once they have consolidated enough central power…nothing will be able to stand against them. And it’s worse than you might imagine.

Someone rather dear to me said something that didn’t strike me at first. But as I thought about it, his words filled me with dread. He said to me, “I admire what you are doing.”… referring to my involvement with the Tea Party. Here’s a man in his mid sixties, who has lived the American Dream better than most…knows our history and believes as I do in our Founding Principles and American Exceptionalism…and he spoke these words to me as if he were merely a bystander!

His conscious mind will never permit him to realize that he and thousands upon thousands like him have already been bought…by virtue of their present comfort they believe to be secure.

Except for one tiny fly in the ointment. The perpetration of this global fraud is pure manifest evil. Its foundation is lies built upon lies. Its fuel is the lust for power.

I promise you this. We are fast approaching a fork in the road where you must decide.

You are with Them, or the Man from Calvary

This timely quote was on the wall of my favorite patriot this morning, Ann Barnhardt;

The person who does not become irate when he has cause to be sins. For an unreasonable patience is the hotbed of many vices. It fosters negligence, and stimulates not only the wicked, but above all, the good to do wrong.”

–St. John Chrysostom
c. 347-407 AD


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