The State of the Union!

Our White House is currently occupied by a Great Pretender who has been ordered to appear before a Judge in the State of Georgia because he has failed to produce proof of eligibility to be the POTUS!

Our Legislative Branch of government has become the most lucrative sector of our economy!

Our Judicial Branch of government has just decided in its infinite wisdom to reject the Obamacare recusal of the radical justice who was practically its parent at inception!

Our children watch the most important Presidential debates of our lifetime through the lampoonish lens of Saturday Night Live, the Daily Show and Colbert Report, while we watch it through the journalistic lens of CNN, MSNBC and FOX…which of us are the fools?

The Nobel Peace President has turned the world upside down in one term and seeks a second to finish the job. His Arab Spring has tumbled into the Oppressive Winter of an expanding Radical Islamic Caliphate.

The messiah of hope and change has brought misery and despair to the world body of mankind. The healthy cells of Liberty and Freedom are under attack by the cancer cells of Tyranny and its Cronies in every corner of the globe. Sovereignty has become the tin cup beggar to Oligarchy! We have become slaves to a nation of slaves!

What self-loathing souls can twist their way through this carnage to participate in their own demise by virtue of their own denial? How much does one need to forget to lose everything worth remembering?

I will be 535 Joe Wilsons in my heart and soul tonight watching the greatest lie to ever fill a suit…screaming to the heavens until God himself comes down to quiet me.

“The person who does not become irate when he has cause to be sins. For an unreasonable patience is the hotbed of many vices. It fosters negligence, and stimulates not only the wicked, but above all, the good to do wrong.”–St. John Chrysostom
c. 347-407 AD

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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2 Responses to The State of the Union!

  1. I didn’t watch it, Chip; I’ve heard it all before.

    Bottom line… Republicans need to tell the TRUTH!

    What people like John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, and Nan Hayworth don’t understand is that their constant lies to us have far worse consequences for our nation than Obama’s lies do. After all, we KNOW we can’t trust Obama; what brings us to tears of frustration is that as often as not… we can’t trust the GOP either.

    You’re so right about “our children” seeing politics through the eyes of SNL and John Stewart. This goes far beyond “news media” bias; it is the elite culture – supported by academia and in many cases “go along to get along” corporate America who set the tone and write the intro.

    I’m supporting Newt Gingrich, but I’ll never lie in order to “support” him. I’ll point out his failings and call a spade a spade when and where warranted.

    That said… Santorum and Romney LITERALLY make me sick when they spew lies about Gingrich’s record and who Gingrich is.

    NOTICE… I mention Satorum and Romney… but not Paul. Why?

    The “why” is simply because Ron Paul DOESN’T lie in order to attack Gingrich. When and where Paul attacks Gingrich, Paul is more often than not right to do so and accurate with his facts.

    I can’t stress strongly enough how important it is that Republicans operate with integrity and honesty. For let’s face it, folks… in a battle of “bad vs. bad” with the Dems… the GOP loses every time.

    I don’t often reach for the Bible for my “material” here, but on this occasion allow me to end simply:


  2. BTW, Chip, check out my latest post over at “Usually Right.”

    The neocon’s over at the Weekly Standard took at shot at Newt… but all they’ve managed to do (at least as far as I can see) is place a spotlight on how consistent Gingrich has been as an opponent of federal overspending.

    Hey… fellow readers of Chip’s blog here… allow me to remind you of the sort of “Republicans” who are supporting Mitt Romney:


    Listen… I’ll vote for the phony (Romney I mean) (Actually… scratch that… I mean BOTH Romney and Hayworth!) against Obama or against a Democrat running for NY’s 19th Congressional District, but…


    But… while we’re kinda stuck with Nan Boehner Hayworh, we’re NOT stuck with Romney… NOT YET!

    Seriously, folks… THINK about the sort of people who are attacking Gingrich while supporting Romney vs. the sort of folks who are supporting Gingrich… or Paul for that matter… or Santorum… or who supported Perry or Bachmann…


    Newt Gingrich is NOT “perfect.” He’s just far better than Romney.

    And frankly… a guy who wanted to FREEZE federal spending as far back as 1984… when I was 20 years old… THAT’S the kind of man I can PROUDLY back for President of the United States.

    (Of course… if others prefer the Father of “RomneyCare…”) (*SHRUG*)

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