Raison d’être!

When your Freshman Congresswoman who took office on the wings of solid Tea Party support in 2010, turns to you in 2012 and tells you that the complaint she hears most frequently is over the “lack of cooperation among our politicians”…run as hard and as fast in the opposite direction from where she would otherwise lead you! This line is right up there with, “Hey little girl, would you like some candy?” She is speaking to you in the deadly dialect of Establishmenteze!

The Washington Establishment is a monolithic organism that feeds on power. Its lust for power supersedes rule of law and constitutional limitation. In fact, it is accurate to state that our political system has transformed a government once by the people, for the people into a criminal enterprise with no allegiance to its constitution or the people it represents. We are living through a coup d’état! At least one State is poised to find our President has been fraudulently elected, based on evidence entered into a court of law on January 26th! Both political parties in both Houses of Congress along with the Judicial Branch were complicit! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H3aCfR8rmrw

And now the enterprise needs to re-elect itself to keep the illusion…as we are all treated to what my friend Chris calls Political Kabuki Theater! What is not an illusion is the fact that this election will be the most important election in the history of our country! By the grace of God, we the people still have the power to come together to decide what is best for America. But we must first understand and recognize Establishment!

Every systemic failure that has led us to the brink of financial collapse, from our auto industry to the housing and Lehman collapse in 2008, was the intended consequence of the Washington Establishment. Every crisis from health care to global warming…a manufactured sensation to shock the individual into surrendering more and more individual autonomy to the ever-expanding central authority of the federal government!

Remember the classic Seinfeld “Body Odor” episode? Jerry and Elaine get into the car after the valet with severe body odor has impregnated the car with a smell so bad, it cannot be expunged! It actually permeates their clothing and every fiber of their being, following them everywhere they go, hilariously sabotaging every relationship they have…or attempt to have.

This is the problem we have with Mitt and Newt! Mitt and Newt = MOOT! But they have spent so much time in the space of the Establishment Valet they will NEVER be able to remove the stink! So what in the world are we to do? Simple…trust our noses and learn the language!

We need to examine our elected officials and those who would seek office using what I like to call the Raison d’être (reason to be) method. Two of the primary indicators of this great political air freshener are courage versus cooperation. Let’s use this tool to compare Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (R) with New York Freshman Congresswoman Nan Hayworth (R). The former braves death threats to boldly stand up for the taxpaying citizens of his state, converting a $3 Billion deficit into a $300 Million Surplus! The latter is preoccupied with seating arrangements and getting along. The Raison d’être of the former is (for the people)! The Raison d’être of the latter is (for the establishment & self-preservation)!

We do not get a second chance here my friends. The following piece utilizes a metaphor as well placed as I have ever seen! We cannot afford to be fooled again!



Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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3 Responses to Raison d’être!

  1. Did you receive the Hayworth email about the federal grants for local fire departments?


    Hmm… and here I had thought that I’d elected a “conservative” Republican… a “constitutionist” Republican… who viewed her job as CUTTING federal spending and federal meddling (for where federal funds flow… federal mandates ride along) in state, county, and local issues.

    Nope. Same old three card monty:

    1) Take the money out of our pockets and send it to Washington DC.

    2) Pay the federal “middleman” and then “redistribute” what’s left of the original “take.”

    3) Send NY taxpayers back 73%… 78%… (something like that) of their hard earned tax dollars and convince us you’ve done us a favor!

    Jeezus… pathetic.

    Now I admire and respect firemen.

    I admire and respect policeman.

    I admire and respect the men and women of our military.

    I love dogs, children, and mom’s apple pie…!!!

    But, folks… THESE are the “hooks” that these sleazy, self-serving politicians cast into the waters of the electorate! The spending… the every increasing deficit financed spending… it’s ALWAYS for a “good cause!”

    Criticize the spending… well… then you’re criticizing the firemen! (Or that’s what Nan Hayworth’s press secretary would no doubt claim.)

    It’s politics as usual my friends. It’s the Boehner wing – the Republicrat (or perhaps Republicrap) wing of the party fighting for personal self-interest and re-election.

    Shame on Nan Hayworth.

    Shame on us for being fooled.

    Our children and grandchildren will pay the price.

    Nan’s children and grandchildren… they’ll live off trust funds.

  2. shutupnsing says:

    I think they’ve miscalculated the extent of public discontent Bill…BIG mistake!

  3. If only that were true, Chip. From your typing fingers to God’s inbox and then “forwarded” to every man, woman, and child in the United States!


    But, no… Hayworth will be re-elected. (And frankly just as I’d vote for Romney in order to attempt to fire Obama if that’s what it takes, so too will I vote for Hayworth – with all her faults and betrayals – vs. her democrat opponent who would be but a cog in the Pelosi machine if elected in Nan’s place.)


    It’s too bad that instead of running Nan’s campaign back in ’10, John Hicks didn’t run himself.

    It’s too bad that Frank Fornario never crossed the Rubicon to challenge Eddie for the County Executiveship… or even run for the U.S. House himself.

    I know… I know… it’s the money. You need the money. Nan had – and has – the money.


    In any case, Chip, you keep on providing optimism and hope; I’ll continue to serve as a sort of foil… and together hopefully we’ll end up sounding exactly the right notes in order to get folks motivated to make a difference and attempt to save this great nation so we can pass it on to our children and grandchildren in a condition upon which they can build her back up to her traditional greatness.


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