Halftime in Eastwood Land!

 If “I am not an Obama Puppet!” as Clint Eastwood claims in response to the criticism of his “Halftime in America” Chrysler Super Bowl Ad…http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/super-bowl-chrysler-commercial-obama-clint-eastwood-politics-287204 …that leaves only one plausible conclusion:

He is a brain-dead dupe who has relinquished his American Citizenship in favor of a permanent residence in Eastwood Land!

There are two major problems with Hollywood (Eastwood Land)!

1)      It is full of people who spend most of their life pretending to be someone other than who they really are!

2)      They not only lose touch with themselves…they lose complete touch with the rest of us as well!

  • When we were kids, we LOVED the illusion of Superman starring George Reeves…only to realize the off-camera suicidal reality of the man of steel.
  • We grew up with an entire generation transformed by the “All You Need Is Love” magic of the Beatles…only to discover “All They Had Was Hate” for each other backstage!
  • And now the man who has come to personify the greatest symbol of rugged individualism, the American Cowboy…struts out onto Americana’s Center Stage to Shill for the State in Prime Time!

There is the Tinseltown, Pop Culture Illusion, and there is the Reality. There is America, and there is Eastwood Land. You cannot live in both!  “Halftime in America” was great pretending by one of the greatest pretenders of all time! They end up investing so much of themselves in the illusion, it becomes their reality. Elvis actually became a badge-wearing, gun-carrying “Special Deputy” Narc for Nixon. Sir Paul McCartney and his All Star Knights have become the out-of-touch Minstrels in the Court of King Obama! This is the fool Lennon found it so hard to suffer!! He lectures us about our President without the experience of living in America! Who does that?? Who but the ultimate Fool on the Hill could have the temerity to begrudge the slave for despising the master!

Forget the fact that the commercial fits perfectly into Obama’s Re-Election Campaign Themes. The “feel good” illusion of Halftime in America is created by selling the lie that we are a team that simply needs to come together to overcome an enemy or adversity outside of ourselves…when in reality, we are being systematically destroyed from within. If you lived in America, you would know this. From the lofty towers in Eastwood Land you are just too removed to have a clue! This is what happens to that part of us that gets its news from Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert! There are the Royal Elites of Eastwood Land, the Legions of the Lost who worship them and then…there is rest of America!

So, in reality Halftime in America is no different from any other Eastwood film…it is manufactured illusion, in this case tax-payer funded propaganda! Had they named it Halftime in Eastwood Land and financed it themselves, we wouldn’t be having this discussion.

But if you must make a film about the experience of real Americans living in America using the metaphor of our most popular sport, then it’s only fair to share the playbook with “the world that’s going to hear the roar of our engines.”

  • Make unknown community organizer the quarterback.
  • Alienate your allies and appease your enemies.
  • Embrace Marxist/Alinsky tactics of Class Warfare & Wealth Redistribution to turn the teammates against each other.
  • Control the Media and Pop Culture (Eastwood Land).
  • Diminish the Constitution and re-characterize Patriotism as Extremism.
  • Attack the Family & the Church (See cover of Newsweek!)
  • Penalize success and reward failure.
  • Expand the Entitlement Class (Dependency up 23%).
  • Have Establishment of both political parties declare war on Conservatism.
  • Win the support and endorsement of the Unions & the Communist Party!

This isn’t Halftime in AmericaHalftime in 1917 Petrograd, maybe! Something tells me that if Coach Coughlin had employed the playbook above in the Big Game on Sunday, the Canyon of Heroes would have been a very, very, lonely and empty place yesterday!







Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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12 Responses to Halftime in Eastwood Land!

  1. ron8072 says:

    Here! Here! You are right. Even after hearing Rush’s explanation that Eastwood said there was nothing in the commercial that was political, it seems like with all the attention given it, he would have been all over the airwaves complaining that he was duped, or something. He hasn’t so you must be right, he is completely O. K. with the perception that he looks forward to the second half where Obama finishes his destruction of America. Great post!

  2. Chip… with LOVE… did you perhaps take some contraindicated mixture of over the counter and prescription meds this morning….???

    (You too, Ron; same question.)

    The ad was NOT political… not in the sense that the revisionists are claiming.

    Obviously (to me and Rush, anyway) Clint Eastwood hasn’t crossed over to the dark side.


    He was just trying to spread “old style” patriotism… the sort of patriotism we had in the days after 911 when my sister-in-law’s nutty lib parents “confessed” to me that they were glad George W. Bush was president and not Al Gore.

    Mr. Eastwood has come right out and said he’s certainly not an Obama supporter.

    You and Ron are… er… scaring me.


    Methinks thou art both looking way… way… way… too “deep” into intentions on the part of Eastwood that I (and again… RUSH) don’t for a moment believe were there.

    (“Brain dead dupe,” Chip… that doesn’t sound like you… I think you’ve allowed others to get you all riled up over nothing.)


  3. hoodoosblog says:

    I want Clint to come out and say something more about this ad. I still believe that, though an actor, he is a principled conservative. Your point is well carried but I’m just not there yet. He can get airtime from any media host and not just trust that we know better. We thought we did.

    • @ Hoodoosblog

      You have my word – which as Chip will attest is my bond – that I actually HEARD Clint reiterate (in an interview I heard on the radio… in fact, it was either Rush or Hannity) that he was certainly NOT supporting Barak Hussein Obama for re-election.



  4. shutupnsing says:

    Great points and I feel and respect your desire to cut Dirty Harry some slack…but I can’t, and here’s why…
    1) As one reader responded, “My son was waiting for Obama to say he approved the ad!”
    2) There is no way Eastwood as the “principled Conservative” would have EVER made this commercial if he had half a clue to the facts in the playbook I outlined! This is my point…there are a handful of people in Hollywood (Eastwood Land) that get it…Jon Voight being one.
    3) I am sick and tired of you and I standing on the front line, taking the fire each and every day for taking these people to task…while those with way more fire power than us, whimsically apply lipstick to the pig!

    Go ahead, make my day…Do you feel lucky? Well do you….punk?


  5. shutupnsing says:

    That’s fine as long as we are agreeing to disagree in the context of the same argument. I am not saying that Eastwood consciously made this commercial to support Obama. What I am saying is that the commercial itself, and anyone associated with it have displayed a political naïveté at best, and a deceptive intent at worst that is alarming in either case.
    I don’t know if you have kids, but I am listening to my 14 year old daughter’s phone conversation with her best friend. That is exactly what the “Halftime in America” commercial is, “Nice Nothings”! It is a lie, because it intentionally leaves out;

    • 49% of the US population pays zero income tax.*

    • 70% of the US Federal Budget goes to personal assistance programs.*

    • A record $2 Trillion was paid by the US Federal Government to individuals in 2010.*

    • The average individual who relies on Washington could receive benefits valued at $32,748, that’s more than the average disposable personal income ($32,446)*

    * Heritage Foundation

    Think about it Bill…the slob on the couch watching old Eastwood movies is making more not to work than the hard-working guy in the commercial making cars in Detroit! IT IS A COMPLETE FEEL-GOOD FANTASY!
    Would Jon Voight have made this commercial? Of course not…because HE KNOWS BETTER! It’s not enough for me that Dirty Harry has said he will not vote for Obama again. BIG DEAL…Matt Damon said the same thing! I want him up on the front line with Bill Barker, Jon Voight and Chip Murray calling a spade a spade and fighting to save this country…not spinning fairy tales on the tax-payers dime!!

  6. OK, buddy… fine. We’ll continue to discuss this. (*WINK*)

    What I’m saying (well… part of what I’m saying at least) is that your initial post was SO over the top that my guess is that if the “average American” were to stumble upon it they’d think you were a frigg’n nut.


    Now of course you’re NOT a nut, Chip.

    And of course *I* get where you’re coming from.

    But my guess is that even your average lifelong registered Republican likely voter would simply cross you off as a crank having read your Eastwood post.

    You’re constantly saying we have to “make a difference.” Well… respectfully… I believe this particular post – the tone – is one which will only serve to make a “negative” difference in the minds of folks who are pretty much already aligned with you.

    “He is a brain-dead dupe who has relinquished his American Citizenship in favor of a permanent residence in Eastwood Land!”

    Jeezus, Chip… I’m guessing that if 100 “regular folks” would stumble upon your blog maybe 90 (or more!) would tune you out from that point on – and that was your second paragraph, pal!

    And then to equate Hollywood (in the context of Left wing Hollywood society) with CLINT FRIGG’N EASTWOOD…?!?! Jeeuz, Chip… who ya gonna dis next… John Wayne…?!?!


    You might wanna check out Clint Eastwood’s biography, Chip… where he came from… his pre-movie star days…


    Have you served our country in uniform, Chip? I haven’t.




  7. I meant…

    “…people who are NOT pretty much already aligned with you.”



  8. shutupnsing says:

    BINGO! http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=-j_8qCbHsUA
    Who will wake them up when we are half asleep ourselves???

  9. http://youtu.be/aBRs8tlqLwY A good addition to the argument. Hope it works.

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