What About Freedom?

What About Freedom? (Please listen after reading…)

If you want to be a free person…you must understand the forces that control you. – Demonocracy

I dedicate this blog to my dear, sweet and wonderfully Liberal Sister-in-Law who thinks I’m crazy and challenged me to give her one example of where any of us have lost or are in danger of losing our Freedom. ❤

                                     The Woodstove Drop of Greek Freedom Visual

  • Ingredients– Woodstove, wood, matches, fire, cupful of fresh, clean, sparkling water & eye-dropper. (The water represents freedom!)
  • Directions– Light fire, build fire until surface of stove reaches 400 degrees. Draw fresh, clean, sparkling water (freedom) into the eye-dropper. Hold the eye-dropper approximately 6-8 inches over the stove service, and repeat after me, “This is my Freedom.” Now squeeze a drop onto the surface of the stove and repeat after me, “This is my Freedom on debt!”

I am convinced that God put Liberals on Earth to teach the rest of us patience…I wonder if he thought this through?

  • 49% of the US population pays zero income tax.*
  •  70% of the US Federal Budget goes to personal assistance programs.*
  •  A record $2 Trillion was paid by the US Federal Government to individuals in 2010.*
  • The average individual who relies on Washington could receive benefits valued at $32,748, that’s more than the average disposable personal income ($32,446)*
  • The same Washington that hasn’t passed a budget in over 1,000 days has spent $ 1 Trillion more than it takes in…4 years in a row now!*

* source –The Heritage Foundation

See the wonderful graphic in link below to obtain visual of our debt relative to the world!


ConclusionWe are Greece on Steroids!

BTW -There’s another more powerful visual requiring a gun and your child’s head which I pray the mere mention of would be sufficient enough…to release your finger from the trigger. But I wonder…

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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  1. Does your dear, sweet, sister-in-law read my blog, Chip? You should advise her to do so.



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