The Sunday Morning Tune-up, February 12th 2012 Edition!

To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose, under Heaven…

– The Book of Ecclesiastes

Dear Friend,

Today’s Tune-up is dedicated to my Friend Ron who is scheduled for open-heart surgery tomorrow. I ask any and all of you reading to keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

                                                     THE SPIRIT OF WAR!

The saddest thing in life is to see someone you knew as a friend long, long ago…who has succumbed to the ravages of drug and alcohol addiction! The person you fondly remember as the life of the party, always upbeat and full of the zest of life…now stands before you as a literal empty shell of his or her former self. And the very worst part of all? It’s not the weight, or the aged complexion and rotten teeth. No, it’s their lost and vacant eyes that will haunt you in your sleep.

What if there was something you could have done or said 35 years ago that could have resulted in his or her making a life-altering phone call to someone with the right tools? I have personally, physically walked two people into 30 day treatment programs in my life, and I’m happy to say they are both very much alive in their SPIRIT today! You can see it in their eyes!

Ask any decent poker player, “Where’s the greatest tell?” The eyes! They are the direct windows to the heart and soul in any language…with absolutely no need for translation or interpretation. Something much less commonly known…

There exists a measuring device…a caliper that measures a person’s energy frequency. Our spiritual energies resonate in low to high frequencies…often associated with negative and positive. The higher frequencies reflect the more subtle ethereal qualities of light and divine nature. The lower frequencies settle in to the darker more earth-bound forms. The caliper would register mostly lower readings in the midst of next month’s St. Patty’s Day Parade, and would register much higher readings among the Monks of Mt. Athos. The high resonance from the prayer-focused spirit of a practicing Mt. Athos Monk would counterbalance the collective lower resonance from the people in the village below. The divine quality of the avatars among us hold the world in…or out of balance. It has been said that Christ alone held the collective energy of mankind in balance when he was among us.

We each have a caliper of sorts in our own heart. We engage it every time we meet someone whether consciously or not. Be conscious of it the next time you are introduced to someone. When you shake their hand (firmly), look them directly into their eyes…and not only will you feel your inner caliper engage, it will give you a read-out!

Now, I will share with you…because I have been doing this for some time…WE have become that friend from 35 years ago who desperately needs to make that call. Wars are won and lost in increments! The Spirit of Man is won and lost in increments. You go into any public place today, tomorrow and the next day…and make eye-contact…on the elevator, on the train, on the bus…at the traffic light. Read deep beyond the bluff we all put up as window treatment! You will see it, the fear…anxiety and hopelessness of knowing;

A)     You have a very bad hand!

B)     You know they know you have a very bad hand!

How many of us let others worry about the fire…until it reaches our next-door neighbor’s house? It’s kind of like getting into debt…incrementally, as it grows you lose something of yourself…a little more and a little more each day, until one day you are hopelessly in over your head…the fire is out of control!

We must be that friend to ourselves now and splash the cold fresh water of reality onto our faces and smell the smoke of smoldering lies and treachery beyond anything most of us could have ever imagined. From coast to coast America is finally beginning to wake up to the call many of us have been sounding since 2008!

How much of himself must a good man give away before he realizes it’s never enough?



Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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