The “Avox” of America!

The Ballad of John Hall (Please listen after reading)

In the book, there are people who are called Avox.  An Avox is someone who has committed some act of treason against the nation of Panem and had their voice box removed as punishment.  As further punishment, the now totally mute Avox is placed into a lifetime of slavery to the anointed where the only time they are spoken to is when they are given a command .-
The Cliffs of Insanity

This story is dedicated to the legions of Avox among us. This story is dedicated to those of us who know, and do nothing…to those of us who know enough to not want to know further, and so…they look to their gardening instead.

                                                           The Avox

Late spring in the lovely rural village once known as Oswiecim found Gudrun Schaefer on her knees doing what she loved most…tending her garden. There was something about gardening that comforted Gudrun, distracted her from the troubles of the world…and made her feel closer to the earth and the natural order of things. Gudrun appreciated and even celebrated, as did most Germans, an order to things…

It was a perfectly sunny day! Gudrun didn’t even notice the soft plume of smoke that settled just above her as she lovingly worked the rich soil…actually feeling its fertility. But as she was absorbing the soil’s organic aroma into her breathing, Gudrun Schaefer fell back to earth on the dark fragrance from the plume that invaded her peace, as it did every day at this time…since around 1940…as a single tear gently met the soil…on Gudrun’s farm…in the village now known as Auschwitz.

                                                        YOU KNOW!

Nothing but drugs and alcohol will save you from that fact! And they don’t really save you do they…they’re more like the clothes pin on Gudrun’s nose, which she actually tried…in desperation, until she finally drank herself to death.

YOU KNOW…because of Beck, Breitbart and the Blogosphere!

YOU KNOW…who Barack Obama is and what his intentions are.

YOU KNOW…the Stock Market is a Corrupt Casino run by JP Morgan with Eric Holder in charge of security.

YOU KNOW…the “smoke plume” of Auschwitz is eclipsed by the EVIL of Planned Parenthood’s Profitable Assembly Line of Death!

YOU KNOW… the TEA PARTY is the BONHOEFFER Gudrun Schaefer turned away from!

There is something desperately wrong with America. Our Diva, the Greatest Love of All…is dying. Alvie D. Zane (Sipsey Street Irregulars) has posted brilliance in his Cliffs of Insanity piece linked below. He has shined a very illuminating light on all of you who have forsaken truth for the status quo and your daily bread! “It is remarkably difficult to make a man understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it”– Daniel Hannan

And he has given you the perfect name, Avox. While you are tilling the soil of denial, we were fertilizing it with our blood. While you are busy seeing, speaking and hearing no evil before the lost sheep of your flock, we will see its face, speak its name and call it out to protect them! And while you squander your second shot at redemption, distracting yourself with toys that will lift you above the “smoke plume”, admiring us from afar…we will be giving our lives to SAVE the very lady who gave you yours!

All hail the merchants of misery, this world will know your name. There is no mansion big enough to accommodate your shame. – Chip Murray, The Ballad of John Hall



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