The Sunday Morning Tune-up, February 19th 2012 Edition!

Good morning dear friends. Thank you for the many prayers for our friend Ron, who will be heading home in a few days after successful heart surgery. Thanks be to God~!

                                         The Judeo-Christian Carburetor

  • On Sunday February 12, 2012 in Warwick,NY, Mayor Michael Newhard performed a wedding ceremony…as he has many times in the past. This time was a little different however because it was a first…I think. All in attendance cheered as Mayor Newhard pronounced Jeter and Sabrina husband and wife! Jeter and Sabrina…are dogs…you know…4 legs and a tail!
  • There is a court case being argued in California at this very moment over the Constitutional Rights…of animals!
  • The sum total of our nation’s unfunded liabilities (What you and I, and every future generation owe!) is $99.4 TRILLION! 😦
  • We now fly flags at half mast to honor pop culture junkies who drown in bath tubs while their pop culture peers dishonor themselves by making a mockery of religion in the hell pit below them!

There is any number of parts that one can remove from one’s car without impeding the car’s ability to run. The carburetor or its modern-day equivalent is not one of them! Wiper blades, radio, seats, horn, head lights…hell, you can even take the windshield out and the car will still run, because the engine will still run. Take out the carburetor and she’s dead in her tracks!

Judeo-Christian Principles are to the health and prosperity of America what the carburetor is to the engine of the automobile! Anyone who doesn’t believe this has had the essentials of Early American History vacuumed from their mind by the Marxist Ideologues and “Progressive” Social Engineers who’ve infiltrated a once honorable profession.

In case you haven’t noticed, the Merry Prankster College Wackos who took over all the service stations (including the main one at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.), finally accomplished their life-long utopian dream. They yanked out all the carburetors…and replaced them with windmills!! If you listen very carefully here, you can hear God laughing hysterically…

Step back and gaze upon our world after they have had the keys for over three years now. It’s like a major traffic intersection that worked perfectly well with thousands upon thousands of smoothly purring engines navigating their way without incident…until a hacker hacked the traffic signal and changed the natural order to the chaos of anything goes! (Good for the Lawyers!) And they want four more years?

But have faith dear friend…Bishop Dolan is now Cardinal Dolan! Surely one so close to God will restore sanity to the Engine Room, eh? Ann Barnhardt has something to say about that very thing in her Feb 18 “On Cardinal Dolan” piece (And it ain’t good!)!

God, I pray she is wrong, wrong, wrong! But seeing is believing…or at least it used to be!


Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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