The Unintended Consequences?

 “Unlimited power is apt to corrupt the minds of those who possess it; and this I know, my lords: that where law ends, tyranny begins.”  – William Pitt

There is a term I’ve heard a lot of lately, the unintended consequences…which usually follows some discussion about bills voted into law without having been read. Imagine that! They say a rising tide lifts all boats…unless of course it brings the tsunami of so-called unintended consequences guaranteed to sink them!

We are all waking up to the wonderful news this morning, Greek Groundhog Day has ended…and Tomorrow finally arrived! Loose the Bulls Jeeves! Reminds me of one of my favorite scenes from one of my favorite movies, The Wizard of Oz…when the Munchkins are singing, We’re Out of the Woods, We’re Out of the Woods, We’re Out of the Woods! Except that Dorothy eventually made it home…

Yes, the Tin Man found his Heart, the Scare Crow found his Brains, the Cowardly Lion found his Courage and Dorothy found Home!

Question– Why is it that we are somehow able to attain the very pursuits promised us by our forefathers…in Oz, and yet mysteriously unable to manifest them right here in Kansas, or Athens?

Answer– Because just like in the movie, WE are the solution to our own problems…not the meddling fool behind the curtain!

According to Ron Paul, Free Market Economics teaches that for every government action to solve an economic problem, two new ones are created. This produces a never-ending cycle of politicians passing bad laws to “fix” problems that were created by government in the first place!

In 1967 the House Ways & Means Committee predicted that Medicare Costs would be at $12 Billion in 1990. The actual 1990 Medicare Cost was $110 Billion. Today it is over $ 314 Billion per year! The government’s own estimate was off by 816%!

Question– What comfort does that fact give us with regard to their estimates on the cost of Obamacare?

Answer– Obamacare isn’t even out of the gate yet, and already the CBO estimates the cost at over $2 Trillion. It was $800 Billion when they forced the medicine upon us in the first place!

The Laws of Economics are being violated and corrupted with the same careless caution- to-the-wind zeal they are using to dismiss Natural Law itself…out of “necessity”! But what do we have when we have no “rule of law”? Man has made himself God! Wasn’t it John Milton who warned us, “Necessity is the tyrant’s plea.”?

If you haven’t had your mind scrubbed clean by your college professors, then you are fully aware of Jefferson’s prophetic warnings on the dangers of the Central Bank. There is only one word for what is being orchestrated out of Brussels my friends…Evil!


Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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