“A Friend of the Devil…”

I had one of the most productive conversations the other day with someone very close to me who happens to be very Liberal. Our relationship has been severely strained over these last few years because of the very powers and energies meant to divide us. But we LOVE each other, so we cling to that love in the heat of Dante’s Inferno as its fires rage around us.

Our conversation grew out of our reaction to the 60 Minutes program, Treating Depression: Is there a placebo effect? This came right on the heels of an interview I had heard on the John Gambling show discussing the out-of-control medicating of America (80% of the world’s Oxycontin consumption) and it simply raised more Charlatan Red Flags for me…as I witness members of my own family turn from God to Dawn Eagle Woman to help them with their emotional burdens and suffering…

When I was a much younger man partying with All the Young Dudes, the world was a much different place. Jerry Garcia and Robert Hunter wrote Friend of the Devil, and we all danced to it because we lived in a time and place where the prevailing winds blew from the grace of God! With all of our flaws and imperfections, the leaders of our country operated within the Rule of Law and respected our Constitution. The times have changed my friends. These prevailing winds have ushered in a lawless and Godless era that has cast a very dark shadow across our land and the rest of the world. They have declared war on the virtues of faith, patriotism, the entrepreneurial spirit and capitalism itself…as they fan the flames of fear, envy and class warfare in an all-out effort to turn our once mighty Ship of Independence into one big giant Slave Ship of Fools!

You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows! If you look the other way as good people are viciously assaulted and slandered for simply speaking their conscience because their attackers subscribe, dictate or cater to your special interest then you have invited evil into your heart…which brings us back to the Charlatans.

“Why criticize anything that brings people closer to God?” she said after I confessed my suspicions. “You used to be open to everything spiritual. You used to live and let live…”

And she is absolutely right! In fact, I worshiped at the Alter of Anything Goes right along side them for years! And guess what I learned? ANYTHING GOES IS EXACTLY WHAT GOT US HERE!!!

There have been quite a few final straws for me lately but I have to say, Nicki Minaj’s Grammy spectacle sealed the deal! Of course they will make Santorum out to be a nut for calling Satan out! THEY ARE THE FRIENDS OF THE DEVIL!!  

We are well past the point of mincing words my friends…

Ann’s “STUPID, WHIPPED, FAITHLESS, COWARDLY PEOPLE” post from February 21st is dead on the mark! http://barnhardt.biz/ While her point is well taken with regard to Fr. Maletta’s “plea” to Obama at the end, I personally would cut the Father a little slack. His energy comes across as John the Baptist to us here in New York where the Community of Clergy is little more than a herd of Casper Milk Toast Sheep leading themselves to the slaughter! But this Homily from Fr. Jonathan Raia reveals a growing voice among the Shepherds…a voice that fills my heart with HOPE. (Thanks Marla!)http://saintwilliams.org/podcast/?p=episode&name=2012-02-05_fjr020512.mp3




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