From “Prevent” to “Prepare”!

I had a wonderful conversation the other day with the executive director of a very strong and vibrant local chamber of commerce. The two major takeaways from our discussion were as follows;

1) He did not know what Agenda 21 was.

2) The reason for their strength and vibrancy as a chamber was the involvement, optimism and focus of the members on growing their businesses through networking.

Our conversation brought me back to the Orange County Chamber of Commerce Expo on Tuesday, September 11th …2001. I was on my way to man our Expo booth in Newburgh, NY when we learned of the attack by Muslim Terrorists that changed our lives forever. And changed is putting it mildly…

One thing that has stayed constant throughout all of the ups and downs since 9/11 is the importance of staying optimistic and focused. Whatever fate has in store for us, you can be sure that it will be a more favorable outcome to those inclined to stay positive and keep focused…but I would like to add another quality to address what is missing in the #1 takeaway above; Prepared! And it is extremely hard to prepare when you don’t know what to expect! Quite simply, if you don’t know about Agenda 21, NDAA, Fast & Furious, $63 Billion for domestically tasked drones, $99.4 TRILLION in unfunded liability on top of a greater per-capita debt load than Greece and what all this means to your Constitutionally Protected Rights, Freedoms & Liberties…then you don’t know. And the easiest people to lie to are those who don’t know!

I released my second CD Wide Awake last year. I spent most of the previous year recording it while passionately working to get Nan Hayworth elected to Congress, which we succeeded in doing. I honestly believed at the time that We the People had the power to “prevent” what I now know has already occurred. I now know what the number one debt expert in the world, Bill Gross knows…that Rule of Law no longer exists!

Without Rule of Law and Integrity to protect both sides of the trade, the capital markets are dead. The one thing they never talk about is the volume trend line!

On the other hand, the High Priest of Keynesian Economics Paul “I have a Nobel Prize” Krugman couldn’t appear more ridiculous if he were streaking down Park Avenue naked as a Jay Bird with but a very tiny dollar as a fig leaf covering his miniscule manhood! Fitting karma when you consider it was a three-piece suit before he began his destructive career!

The Global Elite are making it up as they go! We all know what happens when control freaks can’t coax the square peg into the round hole…THEY FORCE IT! This is why I say that I can hear God laughing. Seriously; to imagine from his perspective…looking down on all the Marxist Fools frantically printing out more and more and more and more money…because that’s all they’ve got in their bag of tricks! Except that legitimate economists understand the Velocity of money…THERE IS NONE! IT’S JUST SITTING THERE! And they also understand that these Marxist Machines aren’t really printing money…they are manufacturing the Shackles of a New World Serfdom!

So my friend, keep your optimism, your sense of humor and your faith. But know that we have hit the iceberg! Continuing to plan shuffleboard tournaments and rearranging deck chairs may be a comfortable distraction…until the water fills your lungs!

If you are a doctor, care for your patients. If you are a teacher, teach your students. If you are a farmer, tend your farm. But you have done a tremendous disservice to all you serve and especially those who count upon you the most, if you haven’t prepared because you never bothered to learn what to expect! And if you are still breathing, then it’s not too late to learn to…Be Prepared!

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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